Simplify Flexible Work Schedules With WFM Software

flexible work schedules SwipeClock TimeSimplicity

Flexible work schedules are no longer a perk or gimmick. If you want to attract millennials, you’ve got to accommodate their lifestyle and values. But that’s okay. There are far more pros than cons when you provide flexible work schedules for your employees. Regardless of which generation they belong to. A Changing Workforce At the…

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Why Mobile Time Tracking is a Must For Food Trucks & Small Restaurants

SwipeClock Time and Attendance for Food Trucks

Do you have a food truck business? Congratulations! Food truck businesses had 2.8-percent revenue growth in 2017 and 49 percent of industry experts surveyed believe they will increase in popularity. This is not surprising as our fellow Americans become even more mobile and dependent on speed and convenience. Let’s talk about how time and attendance…

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How Workforce Management Grows Your Business By Helping Managers Excel

SwipeClock workforce management

Workforce management solutions benefit all the stakeholders in your business. Employees, administrative personnel and, indirectly, customers. There is another group who doesn’t always get the attention they deserve. These are your managers. Your managers need workforce management solutions to excel. When they have these tools and know how to use them—it can speed up business…

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