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Comparing BambooHR with Workforce Hub – Pricing

Comparing small business HR software pricing is not straightforward. Each tech suite has its own combination of features and vendors use multiple pricing models. For example BambooHR pricing is based on the feature package and add-ons. BambooHR Essentials is $4.95 PEPM (Per Employee Per Month) but doesn’t include Hiring and Onboarding. Homebase, in contrast, charges per location and has a free version for businesses with one site. Rippling has $8 and $15 PEPM levels. With Namely, you pay for each feature a la carte.


BambooHR software pricing

Use HR Software Evaluation Tools to Compare

Because of the challenges in comparing small business HCM (or HRIS), we recommend using evaluation resources. We’ve created several tools to help you. You can download our HR Software Buyer’s Guide. It includes the most comprehensive evaluation template we’ve seen. We list 39 product features organized into three functional areas: Timekeeping, HR Management and Hiring and Applicant Tracking. The evaluation templates explain what a modern HR system should contain. Check it out–you may expand your vision of what’s possible.

WorkforceHub G2 High Performer award ROI is More Important Than Price

We also have two Human Resources software ROI calculators: Timekeeping and Applicant Tracking. We invite you to plug in your details (number of employees, time it takes to do HR tasks, and administrator wages) so you’ll know exactly how the WorkforceHub HR platform can lower your labor spend. Keep in mind that these calculators quantify how much money you will save. The indirect and collateral benefits may be just as important to you. For example, if your hiring team has good screening tools, they can hire better fit candidates. These employees, in turn, are more likely to be successful. Certainly, the indirect benefits are too numerous to count.

Pay Attention to Startup Fees

One of the advantages of cloud-based software is that it works well with a monthly subscription model. This allows a business with limited cash reserves to pay as they go. When researching HR software price comparison, you need to consider startup fees as well. If the vendor charges an implementation fee, you may have to come up with a significant upfront payment. Case in point, Namely charges a $50-$80 per employee setup fee. At the high end, that would be $1600 for a 20-employee business. Not all small businesses can spend $1600 to get going. A high upfront cost negates what is typically an advantage with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

How Quick is it to Deploy? WorkforceHub G2 Fastest Implementation Award

A prolonged implementation process could be a dealbreaker for a small business that needs an employee data and compliance solution yesterday. With the exception of Homebase, which has user self-service setup, Rippling wins on this one with WorkforceHub a close second. Both are typically ready to go in under three weeks. We invite you to compare WorkforceHub workforce management implementation against our competitors.

What Sets WorkforceHub Apart from BambooHR?

As mentioned previously, WorkforceHub, our flagship HRM suite, is affordable and our pricing model is uncomplicated. WorkforceHub is priced at $6 per employee per month. WorkforceHub includes both core HR and strategic talent management: Timekeeping, Scheduling, PTO (with custom accruals), Onboarding, Benefits Management, Applicant Tracking and Performance Management. We also integrate with our best-in-class hardware time clocks. These include our Vision+ facial recognition clock with thermal temperature detection and Swipeclock Touch, our finger scan time clock. Few small business HR software platforms integrate with hardware clocks for unified time and attendance.

Our HR solutions don’t require a contract or implementation fee. That means if you try WorkforceHub for a couple months but don’t like it, you are only out the low PEPM for the months you use it.

To recap, here are some ways the WorkforceHub Human Resource Management System wins against the competition:

We invite you to compare WorkforceHub with BambooHR pricing, Namely, Homebase and Rippling. We chose these companies because they have similar features and are built for small- to mid-sized businesses, as is WorkforceHub. To learn more, schedule a WorkforceHub demo today.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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