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Help your employees access resources that support their well-being

Convenient, compliant, consistent and centralized.


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Ease of management is as important as the quality of benefits. Provide paperless enrollment and self-service, straightforward updates.

Making changes is easier than ever

When an employee needs to make a change to one of their plans, it shouldn’t take more than a minute. And it shouldn’t require a phone call or email to HR.

Ready for hassle-free open enrollment?

With WorkforceHub, you can manage all your plans in a centralized location.

Add plan information and update as often as necessary. Your employees will have the latest information in real time.


Let your culture shine

Provide an exceptional benefits process starting with onboarding and continuing throughout the employee lifecycle. This strengthens your employer brand and reduces expensive employee churn.

Underutilized benefits reduce productivity

Your benefits providers have valuable services to help your employees and their families. If they don’t understand them, they won’t use them. If they don’t use them, they will be more likely to miss work or take care of personal issues while on the clock.

Benefits Management - Let Your Culture Shine

Provide a better benefits experience

Compliance confidence

Benefits Management - Create an Audit Trail

Create an audit trail and easily generate compliance reports

Benefits Management - Automated Workflows

Automated workflows ensure all compliance boxes are checked

Benefits Management - Prevent Errors

Prevent errors common with manually re-entering data in multiple systems

Benefits Management - Store Signed Benefits Documents

Store signed benefits documents in a secure, searchable database


WorkforceHub takes care of business.

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