HR Reporting & Metrics

If you want to achieve your business goals while remaining compliant, it’s essential to use HR reporting and metrics. Automation makes it easy.


Accelerate your business growth

Are you tracking metrics or using HR reporting?

HR reporting helps busy small business owners maintain compliance and make data-driven decisions.

  • Avoid FLSA, ACA, FMLA and state labor law violations
  • Understand what’s happening at your organization at a granular level
  • Make better decisions about recruiting, labor allocation, employee development, and benefits packages

When HR reporting is critical, WorkforceHub has got you covered

With WorkforceHub metrics and reporting, you can manage your business as strategically as companies ten times your size.

HR reporting and metrics

Data transparency improves engagement

When each employee can see the data, they understand how their role contributes to the overall success of the company. This increases unity and sense of purpose, both of which boost engagement.

hr reporting - data transparency

Your updated labor law solution

Workplace signs are an essential part of small business compliance. With Swipeclock, get your mandated posters and updates. Take the hassle out of keeping compliance posters up-to-date with both your state and federal laws. Plus, all signs have a handy QR Code that allows you to scan with your phone to see whether the poster is current.


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