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There are many ways to manage subcontractors in a variety of industries. Old-school methods are making way for more effective mobile time tracking apps. Competitive pressure favors companies who pay attention to subcontractor time and attendance.

Winning new bids, attracting quality subs, and profit depends on your level of control. Mobile time tracking apps provide unprecedented oversight and allow you to refine efficiencies.

There are a lot of advantages to using mobile time tracking apps to manage your subcontractors.

Here are 8 good reasons to upgrade to mobile time tracking for subcontractors:

Payroll Accuracy Reduces Costly Errors

Mobile time tracking provides a high degree of payroll accuracy. You cannot achieve this level of accuracy with paper-based time tracking. Mobile time tracking apps are more accurate and allow for direct data import for payroll.

The number of potential problems you can avoid in payroll processing is astounding. Mobile time tracking apps solve a lot of problems for less cost. It’s a no-brainer, but let’s dig a little deeper…

Traditional paper time cards are the fostering ground of payroll error. From poor handwriting to bad math, time cards nurture errors from the start. Next, consider that every employer collecting paper time cards have seen one go missing. It’s a regular problem on job sites around the world.

Finally, beware the inevitable transcription error. Manual data transfer causes payroll errors at a regular, consistent rate. It is the most significant area for concern in payroll processing from paper time cards.

A single error can cost your business in accidental overpayment. It can also create a paperwork mystery that takes hours to solve. Employees get upset and agencies get involved; it can be a real mess.

This reason alone is enough to convince a company with subcontractors to upgrade. If you aren’t compelled, brace yourself; there are 7 more good reasons to use a time tracking app

Reliability Improves Trust and Company Security

Reliability is high on our list of reasons to use a mobile time tracking app for subcontractors. Much like accuracy, reliability has to do with the trust you can place in your records.

Subcontractors sometimes work in different job roles through the day. These employees need to keep accurate records for job costing and wage scale changes. You may also need to incorporate journaling for compliance with OSHA.

The reliability of these records can be critical to your business. In the event of an audit or dispute, reliable records are key to avoiding penalties and fines.

Mobile time tracking such as SwipeClock TimeWorksPlus provide on-site convenience and cloud-based reliability. Employees who use paper time cards often work from memory at the end of the day or even later in the week. Completing time cards after the fact introduces errors and guesswork.

Cloud-based time tracking apps such as TimeWorksPlus provide convenient, easy recordkeeping. Employees record job role changes at the tap of the screen. Time tracking apps produce reliable real-time records that establish reliability and trust.

Mobile Access Makes Real-time Recording Convenient

Speaking of convenience, mobile time tracking is the ultimate in convenience for employees. Mobile time tracking apps are also a real time-saver for managers. Mobile access makes this double-feature benefit possible.

On-site employees can use their own personal smartphone device for time tracking. When this is not the most convenient, on-site time tracking is possible with a remote punch clock device. For example, SwipeClock’s TimeWorksTuff is a biometric clock designed for rugged work environments.

Mobile access to time tracking allows employees the convenience to keep records current. With instant access, employees can log breaks and meal times from their location.

Mobile time tracking apps help generate reliable data that you can trust. They also help reduce records disputes and payroll errors.

Mobile access also allows employees to access their own records. With employee self-service, employees can do more than clock in. mobile subcontractors can use mobile time tracking to access their personal records, too.

Employee self-service gives employees the opportunity to track their own time and attendance. They can also check and respond to schedules and overtime alerts. Mobile options like these reduce the impact on managers and help save time.

Mobile time tracking apps are better than paper time cards in many ways. Employees find them more convenient and easy to use. Managers enjoy accurate time and attendance records without the time-wasting hassles.

Real-time Data Tracking Provides Instant Alerts

Mobile time tracking apps record data to the cloud. This means that managers have access to real-time records from anywhere. Managers can track overtime hours and job costing in real-time as the workday progresses.

This isn’t always necessary, but there are some good reasons to use this important feature.

One important reason to watch real-time data is to avoid unplanned overtime. Overtime alerts can help you avoid costly subcontractor time overruns. Real-time tracking of time and attendance can help you maintain budgets.

Real-time data tracking will help you avoid disputes. It also helps you avoid unplanned overtime or contract breaches. Job codes and project codes can help you parse data and see an accurate picture of costs.

Spotting problems before they arise gives management time to respond to avoid problems. Mobile time tracking apps are the new crystal ball for your business.

Increased Profitability With Better Monitoring

When subcontractors use mobile time tracking, managers can keep a close eye on expenses. Time and attendance is a major expense for most projects. Tracking these costs is critical to maintaining control of expenses.

When you install mobile time tracking for subcontractors, you gain a remarkable ability to track time and attendance. Since this is a significant expense, you now have your finger on the pulse of profitability.

Overtime alerts, real-time tracking, and tools for analysis give your managers unprecedented oversight. The old adage that you have to measure something to improve it is front and center.

Mobile time tracking puts you in the driver’s seat. You have the ability to measure performance on a day-to-day basis and to make corrections when you need to.

Mobile time tracking for subcontractors makes this possible. You’ll appreciate the increased manageability and renewed focus on cost savings.

Project Costing With Accurate Recordkeeping

Mobile time tracking makes it possible to generate future-looking reports. These can be a big help in predicting expenses or bidding new work.

It is possible to create reports from paper time cards. The problem is that it takes a lot of extra time. Extra time means it doesn’t get done, and opportunities are missed.

Mobile time tracking allows companies to compile data with ease. Managers can generate reports with the click of a button. Built-in time codes can help you look at the data in meaningful ways.

Some of those ways can include looking at routine tasks and measuring the time it takes to complete them. This data can be used to refine estimates and perfect the estimating process.

The result is better, more accurate data that helps you establish the true costs of a project. This data can be used to accurately predict costs and improve bids.

Record of Work For Compliance and Legal Security

Mobile timekeeping apps generate an accurate record of work. Accurate and reliable records are important in the event of an audit. They can also be critical in a subcontractor dispute about payroll accuracy.

With mobile time tracking, employees are prompted to record breaks and meal times. This helps generate a reliable history of work time to the minute. Error tracking and intelligent clocking help avoid mistakes or missed punches.

With complete, accurate and reliable records, employee disputes are minimized. Audit-ready records mean you are prepared for any scrutiny, and in most cases are protected from accusations.

Employee self-service provides access to historical time and attendance. Employees can track their own time and are able to raise issues before they become a problem.

A reliable, accurate record of work helps both subcontractor employees and managers. With centralized data, both sides can see the same records which eliminate the need for correlation. An accurate and reliable history will help your company avoid compliance and legal troubles in the future.

Accountability For Subcontractors

Mobile time tracking reinforces accountability. Subcontractors are able to punch in and punch out from any location. This means there are no more excuses for missing time cards or missed punches.

Subcontractors are empowered to track their own time. They share responsibility for generating accurate and reliable data. This helps generate accountability for time and attendance tracking.

When employees feel empowered to manage their own time, they internalize the importance of keeping accurate records. Mobile time tracking becomes a convenient standard that employees will embrace. Your payroll and recordkeeping efforts will improve and your business will enjoy savings in time and error avoidance.

Everybody wins.

Mobile Time Tracking Is A Win-Win

Your business will benefit by adding mobile time tracking to your subcontractor management. Subcontractors will also benefit from added convenience and accuracy.

Mobile time tracking apps such as SwipeClock TimeWorksPlus offer a world of convenience and accuracy.

Your business can be more profitable. Improving accuracy, reducing error, and improving time efficiency go a long way toward improving your bottom line. Mobile time tracking holds a promise of increased efficiency and a stronger foundation of data on which to plan and grow.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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