Sick Leave Laws Chart for Washington State, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane and SeaTac

Washington State Sick Leave Laws Reference


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Sick Leave Laws Quick Reference Chart for Washington State, Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle, and SeaTac.

Cities throughout Washington State have already enacted their own versions of Paid Sick and Safe Leave Laws. Add to the local laws, that Washington State recently passed a ballot imitative to institute sick leave laws across the entire states. Although many businesses, human resource managers, payroll professionals, and accountants have important questions about the laws, the final details are still likely to take the majority of 2016 to define. Cities in Washington provide paid sick leave for all employees, even when the employer is based outside the local jurisdiction. It is important for employers to be aware of local ordinances when employees cross into city limits and the employer’s obligation. This chart is intended for quick reference. For additional information on Sick and Safe Time Laws throughout Washington, please see our detailed articles intended for business and accounting professionals and managers.

Spokane Tacoma Seattle SeaTac Washington
Accrual Rates 1 Hr for every 30 hrs worked 1 Hr for every 30 hrs worked Varies Based on Employer Size 1 Hr for every 40 hrs worked 1 Hr for every 40 hrs worked
Accrual Caps < 10 Employees = 24 hours

10+ Employees = 40 hours

24 Hrs each year No cap No Cap No cap defined (pending final ruling)
Usage Caps < 10 Employees = 24 hours

10+ Employees = 40 hours

Up to 40 hours used Varies based on employer size between 40 and 72 hours a year No Cap No cap defined (pending final ruling)
Increment of Use No specification 1 hr increments 1 hr or quarter of an hour increments Not defined Not defined
“Year” Not specified Calendar or Fiscal year Benefit year, can include calendar year, fiscal year, or any other 12 months that define the benefits package. Calendar year Not Defined
Occasional Work employees Employees that work in city limits 240 hours a year or more An employee who works in Tacoma occasionally 80 hours a year or more. Any employee that works in Seattle 240 hours or more in a benefit year. All transportation and hospitality employees: Clock starts on hour 1 of work in City Limits Not Defined
Rehiring NOT required to reinstate If hired within 6 months, Sick leave must be reinstated If hired within 7 months, sick leave time must be reinstated. Paid out at the end of the year If rehired within 12 months, sick leave is reinstated
Bereavement Allowed Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed
Inclement Weather Law is silent No exclusion for inclement weather Not allowed. Not allowed Not allowed
Family Members Child, parent, spouse, domestic partner, grandparents, grandchildren Adds Household members Child, parent, spouse, domestic partner, grandparents,grandchildren Child, parent, spouse, domestic partner, grandparents grandchildren Adds De facto parents

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Washington State Sick Leave Law

Written by Annemaria Duran. Last Updated on February 7, 2017

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