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To prosper in the restaurant industry, you can’t manage your workforce like you did two years ago. Savvy owners are using WorkforceHub to gain the competitive edge.

Simplify tip and hours tracking, expedite onboarding, improve employee engagement, and provide 24/7 mobile access to timesheets, paystubs, PTO and time clock.

Benefits of WorkforceHub for Food and Beverage

Multi-Location Tracking

Schedule and track hours for multiple locations, positions and pay rates. Automatically calculate wages and tips for payroll and combine into a single detailed paystub.

Shift-based Scheduling

Set up schedules by shift and certification requirements. Simplify compliance and ensure coverage by allowing staff to trade shifts and take open shifts.

Advanced Restaurant Recruiting

Our hiring tools are as sophisticated as the large national chains at a fraction of the cost. Staff up for seasonal activity and build a pool of candidates. Applicants can apply on a mobile device and you can text them from the ATS.

Real-time Management

When workforce information is centralized and accessible with a mobile device, you can manage changes on the fly. Keep tabs on schedules, timecards, PTO, open shifts, and missed punches throughout the day–wherever you are working.


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