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Want to grow? Automate Human Resources.

Retooling labor management is a strategic move that will provide ROI regardless of changes in your industry.

WorkforceHub is the modern equivalent of adding robotics to the assembly line. Automation is only the beginning; discover savings and refinements you never knew were possible with manufacturing workforce management.

Benefits of WorkforceHub for Manufacturing

Centralize Schedule Management

No more stress when someone drops a shift. The schedule trade board informs the team immediately when a shift opens up, so it can be filled without stress or delay.

Prevent Payroll Surprises

With scheduling rules, hours threshold alerts and PTO calculation in schedule context, unplanned overtime won’t wreck your labor budget. Intelligent clock-in and break enforcement ensure that no unscheduled minutes are clocked.

Sync Scheduling to Labor Needs

Schedules optimize productivity for all projects and are enforced by intelligent clocks. No more over-staffing or mismatched skills. Track employee availability and centralize PTO requests/approvals to reduce absenteeism.

Increase Job Costing Accuracy

Tying labor costs to jobs is automatic. Employees clock in and out of jobs throughout their shift. No more unaccounted hours that cost you money.

Hire Faster and Smarter

Post to all job boards from the software. Track applications, filter automatically with customizable questionnaires and score interview candidates with a standardized process. Use automated, digital onboarding to save time, track completion, and ensure compliance.

Reduce HR Burden

Keep employees informed and engaged. Conduct instant surveys, open a digital suggestion box, provide access to paystubs, vacation accruals, and streamline benefits enrollment, performance reviews and other HR processes.


WorkforceHub takes care of manufacturing.

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