construction WorkforceHub for Construction

Save thousands on construction payroll

Trade spreadsheets for a flexible construction workforce management solution that integrates with your payroll system.

Consistently lower labor expenses by tracking work time accurately, reducing time spent on administration, and optimizing employee scheduling.

Benefits of WorkforceHub for Construction

Refine Job Costing

With WorkforceHub, tying labor costs to jobs or projects is automatic. Employees can clock in and out of jobs throughout their shift. No more unaccounted hours that cost you money.

End Overtime Payroll Bloat

With intelligent scheduling, manager alerts, and hassle-free shift trading, overtime is a conscious decision–not an unintended consequence of poor shift planning.

Accurate Clocking in the Field

WorkforceHub manages employees anywhere they are working. Employees clock in with their phones, supervisors can batch clock-in a crew, and employees perform HR tasks with a mobile device.

Prevailing Wage Compliance

Track all hours to jobs and classifications, calculate pay and fringe benefits based on prevailing wage law, and automatically provide required information on the paystub. Import employee hours data to payroll without manual entry.


WorkforceHub takes care of construction.

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