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Ensure proper staffing for compliant care, improve qualified applicant pool, streamline background checks, ease complex scheduling burden, and track certification.

See how a nationwide healthcare agency built the perfect hiring process.

Proper healthcare scheduling and timekeeping get complicated fast and making sure the right staff is on hand at the right level and reporting the actual hours are critical.

Benefits of WorkforceHub for Healthcare

Improve Shift Management

Employees can trade shifts or claim open shifts. Managers can be sure that these shift changes match position, location, certifications, and overtime limits.

Schedule, track, and report compliance with patient-to-staff ratios for classes of employees. Ensure all staff have proper certifications for assigned duties.

Speed the Hiring Cycle

Post jobs to popular career sites, track and score applicants, identify top candidates and build a pool of future prospects.

Upgrade Onboarding

Paperless, digital onboarding with e-sign keeps everything organized including tax forms, I-9, benefits enrollment and payroll registration.


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