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What is a job board?

Job boards are web sites where employers post open positions for individuals to review and apply. They are essentially search engines for jobs. Some job boards are highly specialized by industry, geography, or role. Others are known for their breadth and volume of jobs. Still others are also social platforms, where individuals build networks of business contacts and share their work history.

What are some examples of job boards?

There are more than 25,000 web sites that list job openings. There are a few well-known sites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster. Other niche sites may be favorites within your industry or for the position you seek to fill.

How do job boards help businesses fill job openings?

Job boards each have their unique audience. By targeting job postings to the collection of boards that best match your ideal candidate, you can increase the breadth and depth of the talent pool you reach. You can also actively recruit from many job boards, to identify the individuals you want to apply for your open positions.

How do I post a job to a job board?

Most job boards have a process you can use to manually upload a job posting, whether free or paid. This process quickly becomes cumbersome when posting to multiple boards, which you will likely want to do. Fortunately, applicant tracking systems (ATS) make it easy for you to post to many job boards simultaneously.

Which job board is best for my business?

With thousands of job boards to choose between, it may seem daunting to identify the one that is best for your business. The good news is that you don’t need to pick one. Instead, figure out which ones focus on your industry, the skills required for each job posting, geography and more. Better yet, use an service like JobTarget, which aggregates your data across all of your job ads and all of your publishers. With reporting you will be able to understand which job sites work for which job openings. You’ll see time-trending performance trends. You’ll be able to compare data across all of your activities. And ultimately, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about how to recruit.

Is there an easier way to post to multiple job boards?

Yes. Use your applicant tracking system (ATS) to connect to many job boards at once, including aggregators like JobTarget. You can discover niche and specialty websites that give you the best reach for each job opening.

How do recruiters use job boards?

There are certain jobs thatrequire you to roll up your sleeves and go hunt for the candidate. Your ATS and an aggregator like JobTarget make those efforts a little easier by applying technology to searching dispersed resume banks and by creating networks of recruiters, on-call, and ready to work your jobs for you.

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