Employees might be all over the place, but time and labor data doesn't have to be

We'll show you how to track time for every employee and every shift regardless of work location.


For companies with employees on the move, leveraging technology like geofencing is a must

As the necessity for mobile location technologies in the workplace grows, so do some people's concerns.
But let us put those concerns to rest. Learn how using geofencing, mobile timekeeping and more can not only save you time and money but help keep you remain compliant as well.

Amongst other things, tools for mobile location management are essential for compliance. For example, tracking employee hours incorrectly can cause you to violate minimum wage laws without even knowing it.

Similarly, overtime compliance requires to-the-minute time tracking as well. Mobile timekeeping apps ensure accurate payroll records. This is the best defense in case of a labor dispute or audit.

You also learn:

  • How to enforce employee schedules
  • How to verify punch location with geofencing

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