Open Enrollment Checklist for
a Remote or Hybrid Workforce

Follow this 120-day roadmap to have a successful open enrollment with maximum employee participation.


Are you in charge of virtual open enrollment for benefits?

Onsite benefits fairs, hand-delivered brochures, and other elements must be reworked in a virtual model. And “rework” is the key here as they need to actually work.

Clearly, a virtual process is formidable. But consider the upside. If you pull off a successful event, it will help you better support a remote or hybrid workforce going forward. This is essential for business resiliency in this era of uncertainty and disruption. In fact, it could be the impetus for employee engagement and business growth in the year ahead.

Check out:

  • Best practices for a virtual benefits fair
  • How to leverage your marketing team for open enrollment communications
  • The benefits employers are prioritizing for the coming year
  • and much more...

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