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Dear Partners,

I am writing to let you know that we are with you as we face the COVID-19 global challenge. I know this is affecting your family, your employees, and your livelihood. I know you have concerns, just like I do.

I want you to know we appreciate your business. We understand that this is a difficult time and are dedicated to providing continuous, uninterrupted service during our national response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know your customers depend on SwipeClock solutions to run their businesses. We also realize that our solutions may be more important than ever as we all consider how to manage a workforce remotely and meet the compliance requirements of emerging legislation.

We are working through many of these challenges as well.

I want to assure you we are working to help your business during this critical time. Your business is important to us, and we know you depend on us for support. We are grateful to you and hope you and your team are safe and healthy.

Steps We’ve Taken as a Company

We have taken the following steps to protect the health of our employees and ensure our services and support will continue for you without interruption:

  1.  I have instructed all staff to work from home and to remain as isolated as possible for the next two weeks. We feel strongly that we must do what we can to help “flatten the curve” and our solution is to work remotely.
  2.  Our phones have been re-routed through our telephony service so that operations will continue without interruption. All inbound calls will be answered as normal.
  3.  All hardware clock orders will be fulfilled and delivered on time with no delays. We will maintain a small dedicated team for fulfillment services.
  4.  Our servers are safe, secure and under the constant watch of our technical staff who have full access as normal.

Our HR team is in contact with our employees and monitoring their health status so we can respond accordingly. Fortunately, our team is healthy. I hope yours is as well. We are following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and local health agencies for reducing the rate of transmission.

Steps We’ve Taken to Support You Our Partners

I also recognize that our TimeWorksPlus Employee Mobile App may help users manage remote employees during this period of social distancing. For this reason, I have authorized the use of our geofencing upgrade for the next three months for any customer of yours who needs it. Geofencing, combined with our mobile app and web clock, will help administrators better manage remote employees, track locations where necessary, and track PTO accruals for compliance and qualification for emergency programs.

We are doing everything we can to make sure that SwipeClock service and support will continue to operate without interruption, our solutions will be available without interruption, and that we continue to deliver product improvements that we’ve promised.

If you have any questions, I invite you to call us at 801-617-1234.

Thank you,

—Coleman Barney, SwipeClock CEO

To get started with geofencing, visit our Geofencing Client Enablement Guide

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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