What is an Applicant Tracking System?
Find and Hire Your Next Exceptional Employee

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) find qualified candidates, sort applicants efficiently and keep everything organized through onboarding—simplifying the hiring process and making it easier to build your dream team.

Get an at-a-glance view of the potential employee’s status, seamlessly collaborate with stakeholders and easily identify the next steps to bring your newest employee onboard.

How does an applicant tracking system make your life easier?


Recruiting & Hiring

An applicant tracking system is like a personal assistant for hiring! Spread the word about job openings across many different places and gather all the applications in one handy place. This saves a lot of time for your hiring team. Plus, it's smart—using fancy tech like AI to quickly find the best matches based on keywords and skills, saving you hours sorting through applications.


Applicant Management

Recruiters and hiring managers can effortlessly organize, categorize, and prioritize candidates. Plus, having a central place to chat with candidates ensures that the best ones don't get overlooked. It's like having your own superpower for hiring!


Onboarding New Hires

After the decision is made and the job offer is accepted, it's time to get the new employee up to speed – fast but without missing any details. An ATS comes in handy here. It helps share and store all the important documents a new hire needs to kickstart their journey. Plus, with built-in texting and emailing, you have everything needed to communicate effectively and smoothly guide them through the onboarding process.

Using an applicant tracking system makes hiring a piece of cake


the amount of time saved in the hiring cycle when using an effective applicant tracking system


recruiters that believe using applicant tracking tech has reduced time-to-hire


recruiters that agree the quality of their new hires has increased since implementing an ATS


recruiters that agree that their applicant tracking system has had a positive impact on hiring processes

Why using an applicant tracking system matters

Building the perfect team for your business is no small feat, especially when you're aiming to find the perfect fit every time. Sorting through heaps of applications is par for the course when assembling your dream team. That's where an applicant tracking system steps in, keeping all the crucial details neatly organized and easily accessible.

By embracing an applicant tracking system, you streamline the hiring journey, sparing yourself and your team from unnecessary stress and exhaustion. Wondering why it's a must-have for your company? Here's why it matters.

Whether your hiring needs are modest or massive, there's a job board waiting for you. Whether you're seeking molecular mechanical engineers, nurses, truck drivers, nurses or a dish washer, having the options to use a popular or specialized job board can be your time-saving ally in locating the right hire.


Why WorkforceHub as an applicant tracking system?

With 20 years of industry experience, 30,000+ users and more than 1,000,000+ jobs posted, applicant tracking is in our DNA.

From the creation of the job description to the onboarding of your newest employee, WorkforceHub has the tools and automations to guide you through the hiring process and free you and your team from the mundane to focus on what matters most—the people that make your company tick.

Additionally, with WorkforceHub you have access to industry-leading timekeeping, scheduling, PTO management and so much more—all the tools you need for efficiently building and managing your workforce.

What others are saying about WorkforceHub’s Applicant Management Software?

WorkforceHub Applicant Tracking Solution

Meagan A. - HR Manager

Very user friendly! I've worked in several different ATS and this has been the easiest one yet!

Applicant Tracking WorkforceHub Solution

Cathy - SR. Administrative Manager

Solid, dependable software, it does what we need it to do. Excellent customer service. Thank you!


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