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The #1, all-in-one, time tracking solution built for small business.

Powerful yet not overpowering, WorkforceHub pairs elegantly with a modern time clock for the perfect combo for many companies.

Our industry-leading time clock technology is built to work seamlessly with WorkforceHub—with data captured at the clock instantly visualized within the software.


Manage who is on shift


Eliminate buddy punching


Control breaks and meals


Track and assign worked time

A modern tool for a modern workforce

Time clocks are a compelling tool for key industries where employees may have varying shifts and potentially even multiple locations. Time clocks make it easy for everyone and anyone to start their work. No hassle. Verification takes just a few seconds, and as the owner or manager, you know the right folks are on the job, at the right location and at the right time. Easy peasy.

With thousands of clocks installed businesses like bicycle shops and ice cream parlors, to light manufacturing operations and financial institutions like your local credit union, we’re everywhere hourly workers work and we know how to help.

Time Clocks with WorkforceHub
Payroll Integration - How does WorkforceHub payroll integration work

Time clocks enable payroll

With punch data transferred from the time clock to WorkforceHub, you and other supervisors can review to ensure proper coverage. When it's time for payroll, WorkforceHub does all the heavy lifting with a full payroll preview that lets you verify time worked before paychecks are cut.

And now that payroll takes ½ the time it used to, that puts valuable time back into your day.

Whatever works for you and your company—we’ve got you covered.

Get it right the first time. Zero errors.

Time clocks save you real labor dollars

Labor is the biggest expense for most businesses—so saving money where you can is critical to keep thriving and scaling.

Time theft—whether through “buddy punching” or simply clocking an inflated time entry on a paper timesheet—is a problem that’s easy to stamp out with a time clock paired with WorkforceHub.

Ensure you are only paying for time worked by pairing a time clock and WorkforceHub.

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Time clocks solve tricky compliance issues

Meals and breaks can be a lot more complicated than a sandwich and soda. Within certain states and cities, meals and breaks are highly regulated. And noncompliance is expensive!

For example, under the California meal break law, hourly workers must be given a 30-minute uninterrupted meal break after they work 5 hours. Plus, workers must get a 10-minute break for every 4 hours worked.

Ensuring and documenting your employees’ meals and breaks through a time clock is the perfect way to safeguard that everyone gets the breaks and meals they are entitled to, and that you, the employer, has full records of all the activity.

Time clocks with WorkforceHub help keep you fully compliant!

Track Hours by Department or Location with Time Clocks

Department, location and other labor values related to our employees worked hours can be tracked with time clock prompts—questions asked of the employee when they clock in or out. For example, an employee could input “Store 2” when they clock in at the time clock. That keeps your labor dollars neat and tidy when determining profitability by department, team or location.

Speaking of location, our time clocks provide location stamps. Location stamps are a type of labor prompt that is possible with WorkforceHub time clocks. Unlike labor prompts that ask the employee for an input, location stamp collects data from the clock itself. This is perfect if you have multiple stores and your employees work at different locations, yet you want to track the labor to each store.

Time clocks powered by WorkforceHub make all of this simple!

employee absenteeism

Time clocks are the hub of employee time and attendance

Modern time clocks offer ease of use with various options for input. Whether you select finger scan, PIN or facial recognition, the time clocks are designed to be easy to use and fast. Training is minimal and set up is plug and play.


WorkforceHub takes care of business.

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