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The Anatomy of a
Time Clock

A variety of differing situations require options to gathering time worked by your employees. WorkforceHub seamlessly gathers worked time and processes for PTO, shift differentials and more.


Biometric Time Clock

Biometric time clocks are extremely—especially when you need unmatched accuracy and security. By verifying identities through unique physical traits, they ensure precise time tracking, prevent buddy punching and more. These clocks, paired with a timekeeping solution, streamline payroll, uphold fairness and promote accountability—making them indispensable tools for modern workforce management.

More accurate at tracking hours

Less vulnerable to employee time theft

Create a quick, convenient and orderly clocking experience

Don’t rely on fobs or passwords that employees can lose or forget

Proximity Time Clocks

A proximity-based time clock uses cards or fobs assigned to employees. Employees simply place their card or fob near the device to clock in and out, eliminating the need for PIN codes or physical contact with the device. This efficient system prevents bottlenecks during shift changes, ensuring smooth operations.


The American Payroll Association estimates that errors in the manual calculation of time cost businesses up to 7% of their payroll costs.

PIN Entry time clock

PIN entry time clock

Unlocking efficiency and simplicity, PIN or key code time clocks redefine workforce management. With a unique, secure four or six-digit numerical code, employees seamlessly log in and out, ensuring accurate time tracking. Easy-to-use buttons streamline the process, making PIN clocks both cost-effective and convenient for any workplace.

Magnetic swipe card time clock

Experience seamless time tracking with magnetic swipe card time clocks. These hardware terminals utilize magnetic cards, akin to credit cards, for effortless clocking in and out. With each employee assigned a unique card, access is swift and secure. Plus, the user interface streamlines the process, ensuring smooth operations for employers and employees alike.

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Mobile app or desktop time clock

Unleash the power of flexibility with web-based time clocks for desktop as well as mobile app time clocks.

These intuitive applications revolutionize timekeeping by leveraging internet connectivity. With mobile smartphone integration and GPS capabilities for precise location tracking, employees can effortlessly log their hours from anywhere. Employers gain real-time access to comprehensive time and attendance data right from their own devices.

Ideal for managing remote and mobile teams, mobile time clock systems ensure accurate tracking and streamlined operations, no matter where work takes you.

Tailored time clock features to fit any workplace

Know Where Your Employees Are


Geofencing enhances accountability with mobile time clocks, verifying employee clock-ins and outs based on location. If within the approved area, all's good; otherwise, managers receive alerts, ensuring scheduled work locations are adhered to effortlessly.


Wi-fi Enabled

Hardwiring your clock is not always feasible—whether in-office or off-site. Utilizing a Wi-Fi enabled time clock allows for seamless connectivity and real-time data transmission, leading to more accurate attendance tracking and efficient payroll management.


Thermal scanner

A thermal scanner integrated into a time clock system offers a convenient and efficient means of health screening for employees. By swiftly detecting elevated body temperatures upon entry, it enhances workplace safety by promptly identifying individuals who may be unwell, helping to mitigate the risk of contagious illnesses spreading among staff members.


Ethernet Capable

Ethernet-enabled time clocks ensure stable and reliable connection—ideal for spaces where wi-fi may be unreliable. With Ethernet, avoid potential interference issues and maintain consistent data transmission, guaranteeing accurate attendance tracking and streamlined payroll processes without worrying about connectivity disruptions.


Power Over the Ethernet (POE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for more power cables—simplifying installation and reducing clutter in the workplace. By using the existing ethernet infrastructure to power the clock, it offers a cost-effective and efficient solution, ensuring uninterrupted operation even during power outages.


Optional Backup Battery

Having a backup battery with your time clock ensures uninterrupted service—even during power outages—preventing any disruptions to timekeeping and payroll management. This provides peace of mind to both employees and employers—guaranteeing that timekeeping is accurate not matter the situation.



A portable time clock offers flexibility and convenience, allowing employees to easily clock in and out from any locations—whether it's different job sites or remote work setups.


Wall Mount Option

Being able to mount your time clock on a wall optimizes your space and ensures it is quickly seen in a centralized location—making it easy for employees to clock in and out without disruption.


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