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Connecting modern HR work tech and intuitive payroll

WorkforceHub connects with RUN payroll for an ideal comprehensive HR tech solution for small business

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Simplify timekeeping

Intuitively track time for onsite and remote employees, making it easy to review timecards, pay the proper wage and prove compliance


Employee timecard data sync

The easy-to-use integration syncs new and changed employee data from RUN to WorkforceHub and employee time activity from WorkforceHub to RUN


One solution that fits all

Built to integrate with Essential, Enhanced, Complete and HR Pro versions of RUN, WorkforceHub is a one-stop-shop for your most vital HR tasks

Effortlessly control today — and confidently welcome tomorrow

Homegrown solutions and spreadsheets simply aren’t effective in today's economy.

Where speed, agility and flexibility are as valuable to your customers as the products and services, WorkforceHub paired with RUN can create and assign schedules within minutes, with system-generated alerts that keep everyone informed in real-time.

Address today's needs,

Scale for the future as you grow.

Time Attendance

Time & Attendance



Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking


PTO Management

Performance Management




benefits Management


Learning Management


Sign up today and be up and running in no time.

Intuitive, modern HR work tech paired with first-class payroll

Uniting the timekeeping, scheduling, recruiting and other tools of WorkforceHub with a world-class payroll solution from RUN sets your human resource management up to thrive for years to come.

With this simple and efficient integration, whether you are a current RUN or WorkforceHub user it does not matter—seamlessly connect your acct with the other to take advantage of both products' industry-leading offerings.

WorkforceHub efficiently tracks employees’ time. With our direct integration with RUN, easily export timekeeping data into your RUN payroll account.


Simplify employee time management

Small businesses want to integrate RUN with the software tools that they use every day. WorkforceHub gives them the power to simply and effectively manage all their time and attendance data and seamlessly sync all that data and connect into a comprehensive payroll solution.

Try it today and say goodbye to paper timesheets, excel spreadsheets and endless amounts of manual data entry.


WorkforceHub takes care of business.

We’ll show you how.

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