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Branded, digital, hassle-free onboarding software. Build onboarding checklists with tasks and workflows. Configure them for each job position or work location as needed.

geofencing for employee time tracking


Make it easy for employees to capture time data wherever they work. When employees clock in with their mobile device, their location is recorded.

employee relations

Employee Engagement

Give employees instant access to the employee handbook, policies and procedures, performance history, paystubs, and more. Post event notices and company news, and route documents for review and attestation so you know that employees are informed.

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Top 13 FMLA Mistakes Employers are Still Making

FMLA mistakes can be costly Since 1993, business owner and human resource professionals have provided protected leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). However, although FMLA has been around for over 25 years, many professionals and managers are still making mistakes that put their companies at risk of violations and fines. Recently, one employer…

SwipeClock HR software for multistate employers

Multi-State Employer? Compliance Checklist for Companies With Employees In Multiple States

Multi-State Employer? Pay Attention To State Workplace Laws Congratulations to all multi-state employers! You are driving economic growth, providing jobs, and investing in communities. We wish you continued success. If you are opening your first out-of-state location, you can pat yourself on the back for reaching a milestone many businesses never reach. Of course, there…

return-to-work strategies

Successful Return-to-Work Strategies: Symptom Checks [With WorkforceHub Timekeeping Software!]

Updated June 2, 2021 Are you in the process of bringing your workforce back? Do you have successful return-to-work strategies? This may help: WorkforceHub employee timekeeping can present a symptom survey at clock-in. How does WorkforceHub screen for COVID-19 symptoms? As the administrator, you create custom prompts in WorkforceHub. When employees punch in, the clock-in…