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Time and Attendance System for
On-Site and On-the-Go
Small Business

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With our FREE WorkforceHub Essentials trial, you'll have access to the robust, industry-leading time and attendance solution by Swipeclock. Your trial includes:

  • Time tracking
  • PTO management
  • Meals & breaks management
  • Overtime
  • HR Compliance
  • and much more

Tame a chaotic workplace

With workers spread between job sites, multiple locations and at home, a reliable system is needed to track their time. It's hard enough to manage cash flow and coverage without the added headache of deciphering and double-checking manual timecards. Our time and attendance natively tracks time for on-site and at-home employees-making it easy to review timecards and pay the proper wage.

Enforce breaks, control overtime, job cost, automate PTO management and stay compliant-all with time and attendance from Swipeclock.


Track time off and qualify for family first programs

With our time and attendance, you can set up custom leave categories. This allows you to allocate, accrue and track the use of sick leave, family leave, vacation and other time off.

Government programs like the FMLA require this separate documentation to qualify. Employees can check their current PTO balances and request time off using any mobile device. Managers approve, modify or deny.

Get up and running in no time!

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Captures time data from clocks, calculates multiple rates, accruals, and keeps audit trail

Faster Payroll Processing

Fewer errors, instant access for timecard review and export to payroll reduces time spent processing payroll

Flexible Configuration

Customized pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements and accrual application. Wide range of physical and online clock options

Intelligent Clock

Auto-calculate eliminating duplicate or missed punches, and errors computing total hours and pay

Clock Lockout

Limit early clock in, scheduling warns when overtime approaches, managers easily view timecards in real time

Subscription Service

One service provides you with everything you need for interactive and automated workforce management


Track on-the-clock employees with geofencing

When businesses have a mobile workforce or multiple locations, confirming employees are at the right place can be a headache. With geofencing, simply draw a circle on a map for each approved location. When employees clock in/out, you'll be notified if they're not on the job. With an increasing number of remote work and job sites, this is an invaluable tool.

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Improve labor management and efficiency

• Customize pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements and time-off accruals
• Limit early clock in, view timecards in real time
• Eliminate duplicate or missed punches and errors computing total hours and pay
• Eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual worked time


Comply with governing rules

Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law. Stay on the right side by keeping accurate records of time data. Set timekeeping rules to ensure compliance with overtime, break, shift duration, leave, and other regulations set by agencies that govern your business.

What others have to say about WorkforceHub

Would recommend to anyone looking for a time keeping system. It's easy to use and if there is an issue customer support is quick to respond. Like that they have different programs to choose from that allows us to better support our clients.

- Anne Marie G.

Saves me lots of time on payroll hours entry. It's very comprehensive and can pretty much do anything that you would want it to do. Also, with the new updates it has a very clean interface. Also, integrates well with my payroll software.

- Jeffrey W.

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