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Build & Share Work Schedules

Schedule adherence requires advanced notice. So do fair workweek rules. Leverage templates and automated alerts to quickly assemble compliant schedules. Provide instant online employee self-service and a change process to maximize schedule adherence.


Fill Open Shifts Fast

Even great employee scheduling requires tweaks sometimes. Make changes through a managed shift trade board in the HR portal. Allow employees to pick up shifts if they do not incur unplanned overtime. Moderate the board to ensure skills match, fairness, and compliance. Speed open shift assignment using a dynamic list of employees with the right skills and availability.

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Shift Trading

Improve schedule adherence and employee retention by supporting shift trading with manager approval


Speed awareness and problem resolution with self-service portal for schedules, reminders, and shift trade boards


Eliminate unplanned overtime and comply with labor laws by enforcing max hours scheduled rules and warning the scheduler

Clock Lockout

Intelligent clocks auto-calculate eliminating duplicate or missed punches and errors computing total hours and pay


Reduce schedule errors and improve attendance by instantly notifying managers and employees when schedules change

Subscription Service

One service provides you with everything needed for interactive and automated workforce management


Enforce Schedules Fairly

Adherence is where the rubber meets the road for scheduling. Great schedules published with advanced notice set the stage for high attendance. Schedule enforcement through the clock provides the precision and recordkeeping required for legal compliance, proper pay for hours worked, and the prevention of unplanned overtime.

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Ensure coverage without overage

Reduce labor costs from overstaffing and overtime by enforcing schedules at the clock and eliminate callouts for last minute shift changes.


No guesswork, no excuses

Hold employees accountable for schedule adherence. Predictive schedules take guessing out of work hours. The shift trade board replaces the painful callouts process with manager-approved shift dropping and pickup.

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WorkforceHub is powerful and price competitive. WorkforceHub has a lot of features that allow you to properly staff several business locations. The product does not cost a lot and support is excellent... You can schedule employees at multiple locations. Swap shifts, build schedules. Supervisors can schedule employees at multiple location.


- Scott B.

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