PTO Tracking

What is the best PTO tracker?

PTO tracking systems ensure that all employees are treated the same. They centralizes PTO information for administrators. They provide a formal way for employees to request time off. And employees can check their accruals at any time. The best PTO trackers sync with time and attendance. You customize the settings according to your policy. As employees clock in and clock out, work time accumulates. The system calculates PTO based on recorded time.

What are the benefits of PTO Tracking?

  • Ensures equitable PTO for all employees
  • Provides a formal way for employees to request time off
  • Helps managers keep track of employee vacations
  • Syncs with scheduling to avoid shift coverage gaps
  • Gives employees access to their PTO balance without calling HR

What is included in PTO?

PTO refers to paid leave that is not categorized. This includes sick days, personal days, and vacation.

Why use PTO?

Many companies have adopted the PTO model. Employees still have an allocation and an accrual method, but they do not have to report why they are taking time off. This gives employees greater control over their time, while potentially reducing surprises.

It’s more complicated for employers to administer traditional leave. Traditional leave typically takes more time to administer. It also may encourage workers to come to work sick or take unscheduled leave—situations that cause further workforce disruption.

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