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Manage, Analyze and Hire Your Ideal Candidates

Give your hiring team an at-a-glance view of the candidate status and easily identify next steps. Let ApplicantStack efficiently move candidates through the different stages of the hiring process and help you keep track of all your talent acquisition details—helping you find your ideal employee.









Imagine if getting the right candidates was as effortless as sending a text message.

In today’s competitive, fast-paced hiring landscape, connecting swiftly with top candidates using methods widely embraced by society is crucial.

Discover why incorporating WorkforeHub’s texting capabilities into your hiring process can give your hiring team the winning edge in the weeks, months and years to come:

Connect with candidates where they are – on their phones!

Ensure candidates get the message – texts have a 200% higher response rate than email and 98% of texts are actively read

Optimize effort with batch SMS messaging to all applicants at once, automatically

Maintain your engagement with two-way texting that keeps the discussion moving forward

Improve recruiting efficiency for candidates and your hiring team

Make better, more informed hiring choices quickly — and as a team

Sometimes you need to hire quickly and efficiently, while other times require a more thorough approach. But in both cases, being able to work together smoothly with your team to choose the best candidate for the job is incredibly important.

Interview scorecards make hiring easier and let you and your team rate applicants based on what's needed for the job. When you use them right, they help stop unfair treatment, make teamwork easier, and let companies judge talent based on what really matters.

Ultimately, an interview scoring tool is what hiring managers and interviewers use to give grades to candidates after interviews. It helps make hiring fairer and can lead to hiring better people for the job.

applicant tracking - Forget the bells and whistles

Hire the ideal candidate with complete confidence

How can you be sure you’re hiring the right people? Part of it is trusting your instincts, judgment and experience, but another crucial part is having all the candidate information you need.

Our simple, streamlined background check solutions can help you get the data you need to hire – and work – smarter.

Having lots of candidates is a good thing, but it can be hard to keep track of them all during the hiring process. WorkforceHub's hiring can help by automatically sending messages to candidates, setting reminders for each step of the hiring process, and organizing emails and interviews.

Cut the mundane, focus on quality: Streamline your process for top talent!

As the demand for hiring the best people quickly grows, recruiters face extra challenges, like limited resources and time. Recruiting automation helps a lot by saving time and money, letting recruiters look at more applicants, making fewer mistakes, and talking to candidates better. It also makes it easier to hire more people, treats everyone fairly, follows rules better, and makes hiring work better overall.

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WorkforceHub Applicant Tracking Solution

Meagan A. - HR Manager

Very user friendly! I've worked in several different ATS and this has been the easiest one yet!

Applicant Tracking WorkforceHub Solution

Cathy - SR. Administrative Manager

Solid, dependable software, it does what we need it to do. Excellent customer service. Thank you!


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