You Can’t Spell ‘Hero’ Without ‘HR’

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Human resources has long been a vital department in any business, regardless of industry or purpose. But over the years, the role of HR has evolved. What was once a behind-the-scenes role that handled benefits and payroll has taken center stage, serving a critical role in all aspects of the employee life cycle.

Celebrating HR Professionals

From HR specialists and generalists to directors and executives, the individuals who make up the human resources profession work hard every day. We appreciate their efforts in keeping lines of communication open and helping employees feel supported. HR teams are often responsible for the big picture of the workforce, focusing on efforts that support development, growth, and ongoing training.

When a new employee enters their role, they typically work with HR to go through the onboarding process. A successful onboarding experience is directly linked to increased retention and stronger loyalty. HR professionals are highly involved in the initial experiences of new hires, setting the tone for their futures with the organization and success in their roles.

HR also supports each team member throughout the lifecycle, communicating any changes, managing procedures and policies, and supporting employees as they go through different situations in life. They often serve as the face of the company, answering questions and implementing new regulations that benefit the organization overall.

For these crucial roles, we celebrate our heroes! After all, you can’t spell “hero” without “HR.”

3 Tips for HR Heroes

Although we’re confident that you’re crushing it in your role, we have put together a few quick tips that might help your department run a little more smoothly.

Look into a training and development program

If your company doesn’t already offer formal training and development, now is the time to bring that to life. Fifty-five percent of members of the workforce say that growth opportunities rank highly among their priorities, so if your organization isn’t offering it, they will probably look elsewhere. Plus, access to new knowledge can support engagement, retention and performance, making this investment a win-win.

Maintain an open line of communication

A significant role of the HR department is to provide ongoing communication. Whether outlining policy changes or enforcing workplace rules, it’s essential that you keep that line open to help employees feel like they can come to you.

Maintain consistency

Enforcing policies and procedures might not be the most glamourous part of an HR role, but consistency is always the best option. Ensuring that every member of the team receives fair treatment eliminates the risk of confusion or frustration. Plus, the workforce will operate more efficiently when they don’t feel a sense of resentment toward people to whom the rules don’t seem to apply.

On International HR Day (and every day), we celebrate our incredible HR heroes. Without these vital members of any organization, employees wouldn’t get paid or have access to benefits. It would also be a lot harder to understand policies and know who to talk to when a question arises. We express our appreciation to you and hope you feel celebrated today!

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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