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WorkforceHUB employee HR portal
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How do employee HR portals work?

An employee HR portal is an interface through which employees perform HR-related tasks. It is an integrated suite of tools that includes time and attendance, scheduling, payroll information, benefits enrollment, onboarding and much more.

When you are researching employee HR portals, you can read product descriptions and user reviews. You can ask other business owners. But you need to use the product yourself. Now you can experience WorkforceHUB from SwipeClock.

How do I review an employee HR portal?

SwipeClock just introduced an interactive walkthrough of WorkforceHUB. WorkforceHUB is SwipeClock’s flagship Human Resources portal. If you are researching employee self-service (ESS) software, we invite you to check it out.

Ease-of-Use Meets Breadth of Function

WorkforceHUB was designed by labor management software experts. WorkforceHUB is straightforward and intuitive. This allows users to benefit from the multitude of tools it provides. And the multitude of processes it manages.

  • Single Login
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee Scheduling
  • PTO Management
  • Payroll Records
  • Onboarding
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Engagement
  • Managed Workflows
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Mobile Access
  • Compliance

Redefining Human Resources in 2022

WorkforceHUB provides your employees and managers the type of web-based platform they are familiar with. In 2019, your employees already use high-functioning software. It would actually take longer to teach them how to use outdated processes.

How Does An Employee Self-Service Portal Work?

When an employee signs in, they enter the main dashboard. They can easily locate the punch in function and start their shift.

The Main Dashboard Includes:

  • Clock in/out
  • Time of most recent clock in/out and type
  • At a glance: next pay date, download WorkforceHUB app, company directory, upcoming events
  • Links to the previous three pay stubs (not a summary—the actual pay stub)
  • Employee rewards: discounts, promotions
  • Engagement: employee recognition wall, check-ins, anonymous suggestion box, chat
  • Communication center: messages from the administrator
  • Links to company documents: company or employee-specific

How Does Employee Self-Service HR Software Work?

WorkforceHUB isn’t an application you open once in a while when you need it. It is the interface through which employees perform every HR-related task. (And many non-HR-related tasks.)

Each employee starts and ends their shift in a company-branded portal. All team members see the important announcements at the same time on the main dashboard. The main dashboard eliminates the need for most emails and texts.

Employees Put First Things First

Each employee can access the stuff that’s most important to them. Managers and administrators can customize information per employee or department while maintaining consistency. The portal provides bi-directional communication, employees interact with management and each other.

Got Questions? WorkforceHUB Has Answers

Employees can immediately get answers to their questions. They start their shift ready to focus after tying up any loose ends. All employees can benefit from answers provided in response to one employee’s question.

WorkforceHUB Works For The Tech-Savvy And Everyone Else

Users don’t need technical knowledge to use WorkforceHUB ESS platform. If your employee can use a smartphone, they can use HUB.

WorkforceHUB Dashboard

Let’s look at the WorkforceHUB HR portal main dashboard.

Above the web clock is the navigation bar. If the user needs a function not included on the main dashboard, they can get to it in one click. We’ll get to those features later. But let’s explore the main dashboard.

After punching in, employees have an array of information at their fingertips.

If the most pressing thing on their mind is their next payday, they can find that directly to the right of the web clock.

Above the Next Pay Day is the check-in module.

HUB Messages is located below the payday notice. HUB Messages is an employee Communication Center. Managers and administrators input everything employees need to know today.

Below the Communications Center is HUB Docs and Links. In contrast to the Communications Center, the Docs and Links module allows managers to share documents individually as well as department-wide or company-wide.

Helping Good Managers Become Great Managers

WorkforceHUB allows a manager to excel like never before. It’s amazing how improved oversight increases your effectiveness. Make better decisions in every aspect of your job role.

Customize the manager dashboard to fit your work style. Perhaps scheduling is your first priority. Maybe you struggle to limit overtime. Employee shift trading may be a thorny problem. You might struggle to manage employee vacations without shutting down your department.

Regardless of the problems you are working through, WorkforceHUB has solutions.

  • Create and manage workflows
  • Employee completion confirmation—ensure employees sign important documents
  • Create and manage announcements
  • Approve shift changes
  • Approve time cards
  • Receive time off requests and prevent conflicts
  • TimeSimplicity, the industry-leading employee scheduler helps with every aspect of scheduling
  • Create employee engagement programs
  • Manage performance reviews

Manager Benefits

  • Provide flexible schedules without coverage gaps
  • Limit overtime without missing production goals
  • Gain insight into top performing team members and reward accordingly
  • Spend less time doing paperwork and more time helping your employees succeed
  • Monitor mobile and offsite employees from your phone

Administrator POV

You can’t perform your job without good tools. WorkforceHUB contains a suite of tools that simplifies all processes. The cumulative effect transforms the very nature of HR.

  • Track applications
  • Create and update onboarding programs
  • Save time not having to answer payroll-related questions
  • Monitor completion of new hire paperwork
  • Keep employee handbook up-to-date
  • Centralized document management

Administrator Benefits

Employee self-service benefits enrollment lets you reclaim all those hours eaten up during open enrollment.  Raise the status of HR in your company by devoting more time to strategic objectives.

Solve problems without needing IT help. Become a budget hero by lowering labor costs with WorkforceHUB analytics. Improve compliance and protect your company from violations Kill fewer trees with electronic documents!

Let WorkforceHUB Help You Use Data

With WorkforceHUB analytics, you can take a better approach to running your business. WorkforceHUB provides a wealth of analytics that increases in value over time.

What type of data are we talking about? Time and attendance data. Scheduling data. Productivity data.

Here is the simple process for using WorkforceHUB analytics:

  • Implement WorkforceHUB
  • Capture data about your workforce/processes/productivity
  • Analyze the data
  • Make changes to improve operations
  • Assess whether the changes were effective
  • Adjust as necessary
  • Rinse and repeat

Though this is straightforward, it is powerful. The process will revolutionize your business.

Even in a small business with a handful of employees, there are plenty of moving parts. And they could move a lot better with WorkforceHUB.

SwipeClock Understands Labor Management

Our cloud products (WorkforceHUB, TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, ApplicantStack) and hardware clocks (TimeWorksTouch and TimeWorksTUFF and others) enable employers to manage their most important and expensive asset—employees.

Visit WorkforceHUB for more information.

By Liz Strikwerda

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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