Why LMS Compliance Training is an Onboarding Must-Have

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An HRMS with an integrated LMS is the best practice for compliance training. First off, a unified system saves time and money. Secondly, it provides higher quality training using the latest in eLearning techniques. It improves efficiency for HR and managers. Lastly, it provides training analytics to guide decisions.

What are the benefits of using an LMS for compliance training?

  1. Administrators can monitor employees’ progress during training
  2. LMS companies specialize in immersive and engaging compliance coursework
  3. It is less expensive than conducting in-person training or purchasing hard-copy materials
  4. Training can be accessed remotely by distributed workforces

LMS courses are created by eLearning experts. They walk new hires through real-life scenarios and present concepts in multiple ways. This is the most effective way to teach ethical decision making. New hires who receive engaging compliance training start their jobs understanding what is acceptable behavior. Ongoing compliance training reinforces what the new hire learned during onboarding. It also keeps employees up-to-date on industry- and location-specific laws.

What is a Learning Management System?

The software review site G2 uses the following criteria to qualify vendors for their LMS category. An LMS must:

  • Host courses and training materials within a centralized system that is accessible by employees for training purposes
  • Store employee training progress and performance records for evaluation by management
  • Allow administrators to customize employee training programs according to individual employee needs
  • Offer built-in course authoring capabilities or integrations with third-party course authoring applications


Push to ensure your Code of Conduct is a full business priority and not just a human resources priority. Reviewing and formalizing acknowledgement, understanding, and acceptance of your code should be an integral part of every performance conversation at every level throughout your organization. Human Resources Executive


compliance training

WorkforceHUB HRMS is partnering with Syntrio LMS

SwipeClock WorkforceHUB HRMS recently partnered with Syntrio, a recognized leader in compliance training. SwipeClock and Syntrio are working to provide single signon access to Syntrio’s LMS through WorkforceHUB HRMS.

Syntrio’s Ethics and Code of Conduct is the first course available through Workforce Onboarding.

When the integration is complete, WorkforceHUB users will have access to the Syntrio eLearning library. Syntrio currently has training content in the following categories:

  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Employment Law
  • Business Skills
  • Health & Safety
  • Cybersecurity

With the Syntrio partnership, SwipeClock will provide a world-class compliance training solution fully integrated with our HRMS.

For over 20 years, organizations have relied on the knowledge, experience, and support of Syntrio to deliver and manage business and compliance training with complete eLearning solutions. Rick Hymanson, Vice President, HR Product Group at SwipeClock

WorkforceHUB HRMS includes hiring and applicant tracking, onboarding, time and attendance, and employee scheduling.

What is a Human Resources Management System?

An HRMS is an integrated suite of cloud-based software tools that automates the employee lifecycle from recruiting to onboarding to fully engaged employee. To see how an HRMS works, visit WorkforceHUB.


Syntrio ethics training will strengthen the existing compliance functionality in our HRMS. WorkforceHUB has extensive compliance tools. These include minimum wage, predictive scheduling, overtime, Payroll Based Journal, Affordable Care Act, Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, Equal Employment Opportunity and Expanded Family Medical Leave. In addition, users can customize compliance functions for state and local regulations as well as union contracts.

Onboarding is a magic moment when new employees decide to stay engaged or become disengaged. It offers an imprinting window when you can make an impression that stays with new employees for the duration of their careers. Amy Hirsh Robinson, principal of the consulting firm The Interchange Group in Los Angeles

The future of business ethics and compliance

Wise business owners make compliance training a priority. Protection from compliance violations is not the end game, though it is critical. Corporate values impact productivity, customer retention and employee engagement.

Ethical companies attract job applicants who share their values. Likewise, they attract customers who aspire to honesty, decency, diversity and inclusion.

As more and more corruption comes to light in the public and private sector, ethical organizations hold out hope for society. Perhaps a moral compass will be the new competitive advantage in the 2020’s.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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