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Are you looking at applicant tracking systems? Do you have 5 minutes?

We just introduced a walkthrough for one of our newest products. You can try it out right now. ApplicantStack is our new applicant tracking and onboarding product. It matches the quality and ease-of-use of our other workforce management systems. With the addition of ApplicantStack, SwipeClock now offers a complete labor management solution.

ApplicantStack Recruit and ApplicantStack Onboard

On the ApplicantStack Recruit walkthrough, you can test drive the system. Kick the tires—I mean—punch the buttons. Move from screen to screen. There are 45 of them!

Try the ApplicantStack Product Walkthrough now. You don’t need to leave an email address.

After the login screen, you will see the main dashboard.

ApplicantStack Main Dashboard

The main dashboard can be set up however you like. In the walkthrough, you will see 4 main sections. The largest shows each job opening. On the right are status columns. You can see how many new applicants. Each step in the workflow is listed chronologically. You’ve got manager review, phone screen, testing, interview, and reference checks. Plus job offer and security. The three last columns show status totals for active, inactive, and number of days open.

Above the main section are three boxes. They contain announcements, emails, and tasks/events.

The main dashboard has two navigation bars. The navigation bar at the top takes you to the individual screens. Jobs, candidates, emails, tasks, and a library.

Jobs Overview Page

The Jobs screen has everything you need for each position. Assign an ID number. Organize by the department. List the Job Category and Job Type. Track the timeline for each posting—creation date and modification dates.

Individual Job Page

Click on the Sales position on the Jobs screen. It opens a screen with information specific to that position. From that individual Job screen, you can break it down even further. Apply scoring. Customize the workflows associated with it. Add notes and info. Track history.

All Candidates Page

To see all of your applicants, go to the Candidates page. You can sort your candidates by source (LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, etc.) Rate them from unqualified to Top Prospect. See the timeline at a glance.

Individual Candidate Page

Click on Dwight Schrute. It will open his personal page. You will see his contact information. To the right is his timeline, source, rating, score, and feedback. From Dwight’s main page, you access his resume, screening answers, and interviewer feedback.

Emails Page

From the main dashboard, click on Emails on the top navigation bar. This screen shows your entire email history for every applicant.

Tasks Page

This is where you create and organize your tasks. If your postings require unique actions, this is where you create and track them.

Library Page

You keep your documents here. This includes questionnaires, emails, job postings, tasks, events and templates.

Reports Page

ApplicantStack Recruit streamlines hiring. But you get more than an initial increase of efficiency when you start using it. By using analytics, you can keep improving. The reports show the effectiveness of job postings. It allows you to modify the variables—job descriptions, emails, questionnaires, phone scripts, etc. Leverage the power of data to become a recruiting superstar.

The Walkthrough shows you how the system works. Let me explain some other cool features that will benefit your business.

ApplicantStack Document Library

ApplicantStack provides a library of state and federal forms so new hires can electronically sign all documents. They do this through their employee portal. They can have all their paperwork done before their first day!

ApplicantStack is hosted in the cloud. This means you don’t need to invest in IT infrastructure or support. ApplicantStack provides a support portal as well as a help center which includes getting started videos. No long-term commitment or contract is required.

ApplicantStack Careers Site

Create new job postings and publish them to your ApplicantStack Careers Site.  Applicants can apply right from the site. Brand your ApplicantStack Careers Site to match your Career Page. It unifies your online recruiting presence.

Publish To Online Job Boards

ApplicantStack integrates with the most popular job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder to allow you to post your jobs using your existing inventory.

Share Candidate Feedback

You may not have noticed on the walkthrough, but ApplicantStack makes collaboration super easy. Your hiring team can communicate in the system.

Custom Questionnaires

Create questionnaires to capture feedback from hiring personnel after phone calls and interviews.

Score Applicants

Scoring is an important timesaver. It helps you quickly isolate a pool of the top prospects. When you reduce time filtering, you can make offers before competing employers.

How Will ApplicantStack Help My Business?

Now that you’ve tried the ApplicantStack walkthrough, check out some reviews from users.

“We save so much time and paper—everything is on this site, and stays there. We can go back and review applications from years ago to compare to a more recent application. Now I print the applications of only the qualified candidates—save reams of paper. All job details are saved also; just have to refresh when needed. Strongly recommend.”

“What a helpful site!! We no longer accept paper applications—we list our jobs through ApplicantStack, which allows us to post our jobs on numerous job boards. The applications come right to us, and we can track the hiring process every step of the way through this site, including email the candidates, storing templates for standard replies (such a time saver!) and easily refreshing our job postings through the launch tab. We save time and paper – the site keeps all the info for us.”

SwipeClock Labor Management

SwipeClock helps businesses leverage the power of intelligent automation. For more information about our labor management tools, visit SwipeClock.

By Liz Strikwerda

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Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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