Time Tracking Software Is Critical For Seasonal Workers, Too!

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Seasonal workers fill out short-term staffing demands during increased seasonal business. They are an important part of our annual sales planning.

We know time and attendance tracking is important for our regular staff. But did you know time and attendance tracking is important for temporary help, too?

Seasonal Help Isn’t That Different

Holidays, year-end sales, and seasonal influx are all good reasons to hire extra help. But don’t let their temporary status hide the fact that you need to track time and attendance.

Temporary employees are an important part of your workforce management strategy. Adding seasonal employees to your time tracking software is critical. There are a lot of reasons you need time tracking in place for ALL your employees, whether temporary or not.

It’s The Law

The Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) establishes rules for part-time employees. These rules apply to all employees regardless of status. Despite what you’ve heard, even temporary employees are subject to overtime regulations.

Compliance with overtime law and FLSA regulation means you’ll have to track hours. Separating seasonal time tracking from regular staff can create problems. You are better off to add seasonal workers to your WFM software for more compliant time tracking.

It makes sense to keep all your employees on the same system. You can include seasonal workers in your routine scheduling and payroll process. Overtime alerts will apply to seasonal workers and reduce the burden on managers. You can set special seasonal limits, too, to make sure seasonal budgets remain intact.

Let your time and attendance software handle the thinking for you. You’ll enjoy optimized scheduling and automated compliance features. Time tracking will keep you out of trouble, and prepare you for audits and challenges.

Keeping accurate records is a best practice, and helps you maintain legal standing. Don’t slide on this important aspect of your business simply because the employee is a seasonal worker.

Keep Payroll Easy

It’s tempting to separate time and attendance for seasonal employees. After all, they’re only around for a short while and it takes time to add them to the system. Consider, though, that keeping them separate means running a separate payroll process, too.

Talk about problematic. Running separate payroll for seasonal workers opens the door to error. Errors can become a nightmare with employees who think of themselves as temporary. Temp employees are more likely to raise the alarm because they aren’t vested in your business.

It’s better to treat temporary employees the same as regular employees. Time tracking and scheduling should all occur in the same system. This will save you time, money, and extra trouble down the road.

It also makes payroll a lot easier, trackable, and error free.

Improve Staff Integration

Most of the risks we take with seasonal help are with staff integration. Avoid employee theft, poor customer service, and routine disruption. Focus on integrating seasonal help with regular employees.

Employees who feel like they are part of the team are less likely to cause problems for the business. Employees who feel integrated with the team will be more vested in your success. Integrating employees encourages professionalism and respect.

Key to integration is fair and consistent treatment. Seasonal staff will be more assured if they have access to the same time tracking tools. They will feel they are on equal footing with regular employees and will contribute accordingly.

Employee integration is a great way to elevate employee morale. It’s also a great way to cultivate seasonal workers for potential full-time work. If seasonal workers turn into full-time employees, having them in the system makes for a smooth transition. Your onboarding process just got easier.

Help your seasonal employees feel like they are part of the team. Your company will generate higher customer satisfaction ratings and encourage repeat business.

Take Advantage Of Routine Processes

Finally, using your time tracking software to track seasonal employees allows you to optimize workflow.

Integrating seasonal employees into your existing time and attendance routine saves time. Time tracking will be more accurate when you leverage existing processes. Payroll will be easier to manage without diversions.

Historical records will be ready for audits or employee challenges, right where you expect them.

In a nutshell; using your existing time and attendance routines to manage seasonal employees saves you money. That alone is a great reason to add seasonal employees to your time and attendance software.

SwipeClock WorkforceHUB™ provides time tracking for seasonal workers.

It makes good sense to use time tracking software that can provide everything you need.

For regular employees, WorkforceHUB includes time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and mobile access. It also includes document management to make employee onboarding a breeze.

Seasonal employees and temporary employees are easy to add to WorkforceHUB. Like your regular employees, seasonal workers will have access to online time tracking. They’ll also be able to help manage your schedule with employee self-service.

WorkforceHUB is secure, so you won’t have to worry about private company information. Seasonal employees can have access to relevant features without getting the keys to the whole system.

Time tracking, scheduling, mobile self-service, and payroll can all operate on the same system. Job roles can help distinguish seasonal employees, and filtering can provide employee-specific reports.

In the event you hire a seasonal employee or invite the same person back for a later season, all data is preserved. Onboarding is easier and time tracking more accurate with WorkforceHUB.

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