The 9 Top Time Clocks for Small Business

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Small business owners make hundreds of decisions to help their company grow and thrive. Forbes surveyed 500 small businesses in 2022 and discovered a whopping 78 percent said “technology would be a top investment” with 38 percent looking to focus on “improving internal processes/workflows.” Efficient employee time tracking occupies the energy of every small business, especially if your workers are split between hourly, salaried, remote, or hybrid schedules. Finding the top time clocks for small businesses can be challenging, especially when looking at all the options.

The twin goals of technology investment and improving processes meet at modern time clock solutions. Whether your small business needs a physical terminal with a biometric fingerprint scanner or a mobile time clock that allows employees across the world to accurately record their punches, we looked into companies that can provide the solutions you’re seeking.

We looked at nine of the top time clocks for small business clients, including companies of varying sizes. Some are better suited to employees all checking in at one physical location, and some provide the flexibility of a more remote workforce. Read on to compare the features of these nine time clocks.

UKG Intouch GX by uAttend 

This time clock for small business clients features an easy-to-read display with time and date and commonly-used functions that can be customized to your business needs. The large, rugged touchscreen display responds to employee ID cards or badges and anticipates the employee’s next task. With a quick touch they can see personal schedules along with time entries, with all data transferring to the cloud in real time. Employees can use clocks in multiple locations and management can see the actions as they happen.

NG-MB2 by NGTeco

Featuring a four-in-one system that uses facial recognition, fingerprint, card scanner, or touchpad for input, this inexpensive system has no monthly fees and can accommodate up to 200 users and 400 fingerprints. It’s a useful option in a small business with a medium-size staff. Download reports via USB stick or with an iOS or Android app. It will retain data in a power outage to ensure no loss of information.

Vision and Vision+ by Swipeclock

These clocks offer the most advanced features, ranking them highly among top time clocks for small business needs. Modern biometric features like facial recognition require minimal touch to the keypad, and the Vision+ model adds a multi-point Infrared Body Temperature Scanner that is accurate within 0.3 degrees. Quick and accurate shift clocking prevents bottlenecks and eliminates the need for ID cards, glove removal for fingerprint sensors, or entered touch codes. Both Vision and Vision+ are virtually impossible to fool with a photo, saving your small business from costly time-theft. Connectivity is via Wi-Fi, power over ethernet, or ethernet, with an optional backup battery available.

Time Clock Terminal by PayCom

As part of a multi-pronged approach to employee time management, the terminal has a tactile button keypad and LCD screen with available badge swipe-reader, biometric fingerprint scanner, or proximity sensor to read badges without contact. The web-based time clock has a geofencing feature to allow for location tracking when employees use the time clock from a tablet or smartphone. The software’s scheduling feature allows you to control labor costs by paying employees according to their individual schedules. These hours can be easily synced from the PayCom software to the employee’s calendar app of choice.

PCProx by Lathem

This clock allows employees to punch in with the wave of a badge near the proximity RFID card reader. The 7” touchscreen display helps employees keep track of their hours per period, benefit time balances, and last punch time for accuracy and avoiding any missing information. Employees may connect to the PayClock software systems via the time clock, web-based software, or an app, giving them access to their data in a variety of ways. This allows for flexibility with employees who work from home or travel for your small business.

NXG-G7 by isolved HCM 

This simple and intuitive clock features a 7” touchscreen display. Employees sign in via magnetic swipe, bar-code reader, and/or optional touchpad finger scanner. From the touchpad, they can request time off and view up to four consecutive schedule blocks, all via an interactive display that uses color to indicate successful actions. Wi-Fi, Cellular, and ethernet connectivity ensures you never have downtime, and two USB ports allow for data transfer in case of network error.

TL200 by Timelogix

Featuring a biometric optical fingerprint scanner, this time clock for small business users provides strict employee accuracy. Smart card and pin login features are also available in this simple and reliable timeclock. A 4.3” touchscreen display records the data that can be accessed in real time via the Timelogix software either in the mobile app or in a web browser. Monthly plans provide unlimited support, including onboarding training, consistent updates, and unlimited data hosting. Plan tiers start at 1-30 employees, making it an affordable option for small businesses.

Core Time Clock by TCP 

A configurable system, this timekeeping system for small businesses allows you to choose the best method for collecting punches: a badge reader with magnetic swipe, barcode scanner, or RFID proximity sensor, or a biometric fingerprint scanner. An optional thermal sensor can record employees’ temperatures and walk them through a series of screening questions to comply with internal company policies. The core clock has a large touchscreen with indicator lights for at-a-glance connectivity checks for administrators. Small businesses with remote or traveling employees can give access to the MobileClock time clock app for flexibility where you need it. 

Touch by Swipeclock

Boasting a higher scan rate than other fingerprint sensor clocks, the Touch clock prevents inefficient line-waiting at the terminal. Its optical fingerprint reader is protected with an antimicrobial coating and is designed to be cleaned regularly. The module is functional in temperatures from 32ºF to 113ºF, making it useful in a wide variety of small business environments. With a large 7” touchscreen, prompts are clear and easy to read. Its unique filtered prompt system helps employees quickly track meals and breaks along with missed punches, so it’s one of the top time clocks for small business needs. The system can capably store up to 20,000 fingerprints and 10,000 card identities and transfer data in real time for WorkforceHub software tracking and payroll reporting. With connections via Wi-Fi or ethernet, along with an optional 2-hour backup battery, your vital payroll data is safe and secure.

Accurate employee time tracking is not only a requirement for small businesses to fulfill payroll and tax obligations, but it has many other benefits. Advanced technology verifies employee identities and locations, avoiding the possibility of a buddy punch. A clear and simple system ensures employee compliance. 

For the employer, that means accountability and reduction of time theft, one of the pressing concerns in small business. It means you can meet your benefits obligations to employees with few errors and according to deadlines, fostering trust between you and your employees. Systems that help track leave or other benefits clear up confusion and provide a central location for employer and employee to verify.

Whether your small business wants to be on the cutting-edge of tech or just provide a simple and dependable terminal solution, one of these top time clocks for small business clients can provide a long-term reliable solution.

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