Swipeclock Employee Management Solutions for Uninterrupted Business Operation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Updated May 8, 2020

The Common Sense Guide for Employers

Do you have employees working from home due to the coronavirus?

You can minimize disruption to your business operations with Swipeclock HR software.

Swipeclock employee solutions for the coronavirus (and when the situation has calmed down)

Retool, Retrench, and Rebuild Framework

In early March, many companies started requiring employees to work at home if their jobs could be performed offsite. By May, some were allowing employees to come back to the office. The U.S. labor force is still in the thick of the largest work-from-home experiment ever conducted. The companies which have been the most successful at retooling their operations have used mobile time and attendance software to accurately track at-home, onsite, and hybrid workforces.


Paying employees accurately

This is the bedrock of the employer-employee relationship. Knowing when and where each team member clocks in is critical, especially when there is anxiety and confusion due to a burgeoning pandemic.

Don’t pay more for labor due to confusion about at-home employee time tracking. Since your entire business can’t operate without paying your employees, you want to track time correctly.

This keeps you from overpaying them and going over your labor budget. It also protects you from failing to pay an employee when he/she is owed compensation.

Bill clients correctly

If you bill employee time per client, you need a system with that capability. If your contractors do the same, it makes things easy on their end as well. If you have contractors who work by the hour and send you an invoice, you need to verify their billable hours.

Track time for hourly and salaried workers

Tracking salaried employees is just as important as tracking time for hourly workers. FMLA and other mandated protections are based on employee hours. And as was discussed previously, it allows you to bill clients for employee time accurately as well.

Easy clock in for at-home employees

TimeWorksPlus makes it easy to track employee time and attendance. Employees access it with any connected device. That means they can clock in from a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Easy clock in for mobile employees

Employees on the go are already using connected devices. Here are two examples of how mobile employees can use the TimeWorksPlus mobile app.

Home health aides can clock in with the tablet they use to track medications. Whether their shift starts when they leave home or when they arrive at their first patient. An electrician working on a job site can clock in with the tablet used to access the wiring diagrams.

It’s quick and convenient.

What is the TimeWorksPlus time and attendance app?

TimeWorksPlus can do more than track employee time. It makes employee time and attendance easy during coronavirus anxiety or any other issue that could disrupt operations.

Schedule adherence tracker: Ensure the right employee is clocked in at the right time at the right place.

Compliance verification with audit trail: Confirms you are following labor laws regarding leave, overtime, shift length, meals/breaks. FMLA leave is especially important during a health crisis.

Payroll data source: Delivers accurate time data to payroll, ensuring employees receive proper pay.

Labor cost controller: Make sure labor costs are well understood to minimize unplanned costs. When the economy may be weakening a bit, you need to keep overhead in check.

Accruals tracking: Define PTO policies, apply limits, carry negative balances.

Time-off visibility: Calendar view of time-off requests with status (pending, approved, conditionally approved, and rejected).

Employee scheduling: Create and modify schedules quickly and conveniently. Employees can see updates in real time.

Employee self service timecards and schedule: Employees can view shift schedules, PTO balances, and time off requests with 24/7 mobile access

How to track location for employees who are working remotely during COVID-19

Geotracking and geofencing for remote employees adds an increased level of oversight for managers. With geotracking, managers can see where their employees are when the clock in and out. Geofencing restricts punches to the authorized locations.

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a tracking capability used in concert with a pre-set virtual boundary. The virtual boundary is called a geofence. It is based on an actual physical location. TimeWorksPlus has geofencing (for an additional fee).

How do you use geofencing for employee time tracking?

In TimeWorksPlus, draw a geofence around a site on a map. You can identify multiple geofences. Assign employees to designated areas. The app tracks their location relative to the geofence. You can see where employees clock in and out.

Your managers may be at home as well

Your managers need mobile workforce management to keep their teams functioning. Regardless of where their teams are working—at home, in the office, on the road—your managers have oversight from their own mobile device.

9 Benefits of geofencing for at-home and mobile employees during the coronavirus

  1. Identify employees who clock in or out beyond their authorized location
  2. Receive a notification in real time if a punch occurs outside the geofence
  3. Generate reports of punch times and locations for a specific employee or group
  4. Track employee hours for accurate payroll
  5. Retain employee timecards for FLSA and FMLA recordkeeping
  6. Enforce time and attendance policies
  7. Ensure employees know they are at the correct location
  8. Track employee hours per project or job location
  9. Track employee mileage for company reimbursement

Geotracking for home health aide providers

Here is an example of how home health providers use geotracking. Home health aides are on the front lines of the coronavirus situation. Owners and managers will be dealing with staff shortages due to quarantined aides. Managers are trying to cover shifts with smaller staffs.

Using TimeWorksPlus with geotracking, a manager can see exactly where her aides are. If an employee can’t make it to a patient, the manager can text the closest replacement to cover the visit. This helps ensure that each patient is taken care of.

TimeSimplicity for advanced employee scheduling

If you need more complicated scheduling, TimeSimplicity is the solution.TimeSimplicity easily handles the most complex team schedules.

Managers/schedulers rapidly assemble and publish demand-based schedules that give employees advance notice and the power to adjust through shift trading.

Schedulers and managers create and assign shifts, then approve/modify employee drop/trade requests to meet business demand, budget, labor law, and employee preference.

Schedule constraints protect you from violating overtime limits, shift length limits, and break rules. Track required certifications, and alert external timekeeping systems for schedule enforcement.

The last thing you need during the COVID-19 situation is a labor violation.

Reduce schedule errors and improve attendance by instantly notifying managers and employees when schedules change.

During the coronavirus, manage by exception

Managers are more effective when they don’t have to monitor mobile employee time and attendance. Spend more time training, mentoring, and ensuring projects are completed on time. The system sends an alert if an employee punches outside of the geofence. Managers can focus only on problem punches, not in-bounds punches. Managing by exception saves time and improves efficiency.

Shift coverage for virtual tech support teams during the coronavirus

When there is shift confusion there is a risk of understaffing. Don’t risk losing customers due to understaffed offsite support teams.

Nothing hurts your business like long wait times for customer service. And your customers are dealing with the coronavirus as well.

Shift coverage gaps are also hard on the employees who have to pick up the slack. Service reps know that customer frustration intensifies with each minute they wait in the phone or live chat queue.

How to help at-home employees stay focused and engaged

WorkforceHUB has three important employee engagement tools: check-ins, recognition wall, anonymous suggestion box.

An employee check-in is a quick one question pulse survey which helps employees stay connected. Check-ins enable managers to get a pulse on morale. This way, they can solve engagement problems early.

Employee engagement is especially important when a global pandemic is on everyone’s minds.

Maintain morale during the coronavirus

A recognition wall allows managers (or co-workers) to commend performance in a company-wide forum. Frequent recognition shows employees that their efforts are appreciated and broadcasts their achievements beyond their team. Recognition helps maintain morale during a stressful time.

An anonymous suggestion box allows employees to give candid feedback in a safe setting.​ Smart companies take suggestions seriously and solve problems where they can. Organizations with a culture of continual improvement based on employee feedback experience lower turnover. Anonymous suggestion boxes can also expose dishonest, illegal, or unsafe practices.

Ease of use is priority during a time of uncertainty

Any cumbersome system—for time tracking or otherwise—makes life harder for everyone. It hampers employees, managers, Human Resources staff, and ultimately the business owner. Ease of use is especially important when everyone is preoccupied with the latest coronavirus news.

Swipeclock will help you operate successfully during the coronavirus outbreak and protect your business from disruption.

With Swipeclock HR solutions, you’ve got this.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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