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Hire by Google discontinued

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Hey, Hire by Google users!

Have you found new hiring software? You probably know by now that Hire by Google is being discontinued.

Don’t skip a beat in your hiring efforts. Try ApplicantStack free for 15 days. ApplicantStack was created by and for HR professionals like yourself.

ApplicantStack has the features you need. Plus the best customer service in the ATS industry.

Customer Service From Hiring Specialists

ApplicantStack provides personalized service that only a dedicated hiring software provider can deliver. When G Hire goes away you won’t lose momentum.

ApplicantStack has been helping businesses automate hiring since 2009. We started out great and have steadily expanded capabilities.


By adding features our users have requested. Like texting!

Bottom line?

Our ATS was designed by HR professionals like you!

Here’s a customer review that illustrates our legacy of service.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with ApplicantStack. I requested reference forms in 2013, and they said they would have it ready by the time I was ready to start hiring in 2014, and they did! The support team is really great. I’ve worked with a lot of the same folks over the years, which really helps when they know and understand your business and your specific needs.” Rebecca T., Human Resources Manager (Agricultural industry, 500-1000 employees)

The ApplicantStack team has been supporting our valued customers for the past ten years. We’ll be here for the next ten years and beyond.

We’re Always Improving

“The best ATS I have ever worked with. There is an amazing team at ApplicantStack that is very willing to work with us on any product enhancements that we’d like to see, or assist with minor projects as needed as well. They know what they are doing and are quick to help. With the ever-changing world of recruitment, I find that the flexibility is key because you never know what may be needed next! They are also always improving items I hadn’t even thought of, which is wonderful!” Ettel F., Recruitment & Engagement Specialist (Education Management, 201-500 employees.)

All the ATS Features You Need

  • Collect and track hundreds of applications and resumes
  • Interview scheduling integrated with Google Calendar
  • Establish a central database of current and former applicants (talent pipeline)
  • Communicate with texting and email
  • Create branded templates for job descriptions, questionnaires, emails
  • Post to your favorite job boards with a single signon
  • Track applicants through each hiring stage
  • Changing an applicant’s stage triggers actions (i.e. emails, background checks, etc)
  • Applicants complete pre-screening questionnaires and schedule interviews with a self-service interface
  • Team members access cloud-based ApplicantStack from any mobile device—manage recruiting anytime, anywhere

Transition From Hire by Google to ApplicantStack at Your Convenience

ApplicantStack doesn’t require a contract. You can switch to ApplicantStack without paying for two ATSs while you wait for your Google contract to expire. It’s December. Get your system in place for the new year.

Replace G Hire With The ATS Trusted By 20K+ Hiring Managers

When Google hands you lemons….

Make lemonade with ApplicantStack and our customer success team. Over 20,000 hiring managers use our software. Try ApplicantStack for free for 15 days.

By Liz Strikwerda

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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