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Regardless of the type of business you are in, your Human Resources department is in the business of paperwork. The documents start piling up even before a candidate is hired. There are applications, tax forms, benefits enrollment documents, timesheets, and employee handbooks.

If your small business doesn’t have an HR department, you are probably handling paperwork yourself. Did you know that most small business owners spend a quarter of their time managing administrative paperwork? Is this the case for you? If so, keep reading and learn how you can cut that time in half.

Make a Plan to Take The Paper Out of Paperwork

Chances are, most (or all) of the paper forms you currently use can be created and stored digitally. Determine which records can be stored electronically. This will include the vast majority. There may be some obscure local laws that require paper documents, but we are not aware of any. Consult your employment law counsel to verify recordkeeping compliance requirements in your jurisdiction.

When you have identified which records need to stay in paper form, make a plan for converting everything else to digital. Designate a manager for this project. Create a timeline for the transition. You will need to scan existing documents and dispose of the paper copies properly. Keep everyone in the loop so they will know when to use online forms for their teams.

Human Resources Software

You will need workforce management software to make the transition to digital records. Before you start taking a piecemeal approach, consider the big picture. A unified human resources portal will be the most cost-effective and efficient in the long run. With a cloud-based system, you won’t have to integrate disparate HR software.

Your admin team, managers, and employees will use the portal for all HR transactions. HR portals have a handy dashboard that lets you navigate easily to any necessary workflow. It allows employees and administrators to access records at their convenience day or night. Some providers allow you to personalize the software with your company branding. When choosing software, make sure it integrates with your payroll system.

Move Your HR Paperwork to the Cloud

Cloud computing has made the paperless office a reality. Cloud-based HR systems are usually the most affordable and easiest to implement. Employers pay monthly per employee, like a subscription service. Your HR software provider will manage technical support, updates, and data security. This works best for small companies with limited IT resources.


Set up digital document signing. Electronic signatures satisfy compliance requirements. Swipeclock’s WorkforceHub HR portal has electronic signature tools. You can also buy standalone software for electronic signature but it makes more sense to choose workforce management software with built-in e-signature.


Use applicant tracking software (ATS) for recruiting. ATS systems compile and store digital applications, resumes, emails, and screening documents. Not only will you reduce paperwork, you will track applicants more efficiently.


Greet new hires with a branded online onboarding experience. The system guides them through all new employee workflows. Track their progress with completion confirmation. Manage and update documents from a centralized portal.

Online Time Cards

Still using paper time cards? Do your managers and employees a favor by adopting time and attendance software. It will reduce paperwork as well as frustration. And you will improve payroll accuracy and speed up time card approvals. Employees appreciate being able to monitor their hours, work schedule, and accruals without contacting a manager or HR. In fact, they don’t even need to be at work. Managers appreciate having all time cards in a centralized location. They won’t have to remind forgetful employees to fill them out at the end of every pay period.

TimeSimplicity from Swipeclock is an automated time and attendance system that creates digital time cards. Employees can view their timesheets on any mobile device with TimeWorks Mobile, the companion mobile app.

Performance Reviews

Tame those evaluation forms. Create performance review templates for all of your teams. This is more convenient and effective for both supervisors and employees. A structured process reduces favoritism and increases trust.

Benefits Enrollment

Human resources software handles all the forms and signatures for this document-intensive process. Employees appreciate the convenience of accessing benefits information online. The admin team appreciates the ease of searchable databases that allow them to pull up a form with one or two clicks.

Mobile HR Apps

When choosing HR software, make sure it has a good mobile companion app. You get the most out of your software investment when it can be used on mobile devices. Your employees manage their lives with smartphone apps, they expect mobile access for HR records, as well.

Data Security

Digital storage can be more secure than filing cabinets. (Are your filing cabinets safe from theft, fire, and flood?) If the data is stored on company servers, make sure your security protocols are up-to-date.

If you are using a cloud-based system managed by a workforce management provider, verify their security practices. For information about Swipeclock’s advanced security protocols, talk to a Swipeclock partner.

The Benefits of Electronic Document Management

  • Automate Reporting
  • Convenient Document Access
  • Kill Fewer Trees
  • Speed Up HR Workflows
  • Eliminate Redundancies
  • Improve Data Security
  • Manage Records More Efficiently
  • Compile Reports
  • Enable Collaboration
  • Strengthen Your Corporate Brand
  • Improve Employee Engagement With Self-Service HR
  • Simplify Processes For Offsite Employees

Swipeclock helps over 30,000 small, medium, and large businesses efficiently manage electronic HR documents. Talk to a Swipeclock HR specialist for more information on how we can help you reduce administrative paperwork.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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