Payroll Experts Has 97% Client Retention Rate With SwipeClock

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HR tech that powers small businesses. Get in, get the job done and keep your business moving with an easy to use solution for time, HR and benefits.

With clients in all 50 states, Payroll Experts needed a timekeeping solution that was easy to implement, yet provided the features customers needed. The comprehensive capabilities and ease of use of TimeWorksPlus enables Payroll Experts to get clients up and running the first time, every time.

Partnering with SwipeClock is one of the keys to our success and high customer retention rate.


With clients in all 50 states and a nine-time winner of Utah’s Best of State Award, Payroll Experts knows how to serve its customers with solutions for payroll processing, human resource management, time and attendance, and employee benefits. “I’m proud to say that we have a 97% client retention rate, more than 107% better than the industry average,” said Cameron Lundgren, Vice President of Sales for Payroll Experts.

Payroll Experts attributes its success to three things: 1) fast and accurate implementations, 2) experienced, personable, and recognizable specialists, and 3) technology experience. These qualities are especially helpful for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that often have limited staff to deal with workforce management tasks.

“After working with many of our clients, I’ve discovered the biggest challenge they face isn’t a lack of time, it’s a lack of efficiency that stems from using manual, paper-based processes,” said Lundgren. “Because they have so much to do, executives and managers need to be more effective with the time they have.”

Manual processes are the main culprits for reducing efficiency. Not only does it take longer to accomplish day-to-day tasks like tracking employee time, verifying attendance, and scheduling workers, paper-based processes also result in more errors, which can be costly in today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment.


To help its clients become more efficient, Payroll Experts partners with SwipeClock to automate workforce management processes by deploying and supporting the company’s simple and affordable solutions.

SwipeClock’s products include TimeWorksPlus and TimeWorks Mobile for time and attendance, and TimeSimplicity for advanced scheduling and leave management. Each product is fully integrated so that Payroll Experts’ clients can scale their overall workforce management solution as they grow to lower labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize their profits.

“Partnering with SwipeClock is one of the keys to our success and high customer retention rate,” said Lundgren. The partnership works well because both companies stay on top of the rapid pace of technology innovation. When you add increased and ever-changing regulations, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to the mix, it can be difficult for businesses to stay up to date on the latest solutions that can help their business.

According to Lundgren, “SwipeClock has done a great job of leading the way with its technology innovation with additions like Pinpoint GPS in TimeWorks Mobile and the integration of TimeSimplicity with TimeWorksPlus.”


Prior to SwipeClock, it took two and a half days for a team of people to create a single month-end report. Today, using the SwipeClock workforce management solution implemented by Payroll Experts, one person can create the same report in just a couple of minutes. “The productivity gains we’re talking about are significant, especially for SMEs who have limited resources and a lot of work to get done,” said Lundgren.

Because of results like these, Payroll Experts has very satisfied customers. According to one customer, “Payroll Experts, you have changed my business! Your speed, professionalism, and quality reports allow me to focus on growing my company. You obviously care about the customers you serve and it shows in every action of your business.”

The employees of Payroll Experts’ clients are also empowered and benefit from SwipeClock’s solutions. “TimeWorks Mobile is a huge success,” said Lundgren. “Almost everyone today has their own smartphone. The SwipeClock app has quickly become a favorite for our clients’ employees.” With SwipeClock, employees can clock in and out, check PTO balances, and even request time off from their mobile phone. About 50% of new Payroll Experts customers use TimeWorks Mobile. As work continues to become more mobile, this percentage is expected to grow even further.

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Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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