SwipeClock biometric employee time clocks

How Do Biometric Time Clocks Reduce Payroll Costs? [4 Simple Ways To Cut Overhead Without Layoffs]

By Liz Strikwerda | Mar 11, 2021
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7 Minute Read Do you have hourly employees? Looking for ways to reduce labor costs without layoffs? Consider getting a biometric time clock. 4 Ways Biometric Time Clocks Reduce Payroll…

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structured interviews

Why Structured Interviews are Critical [Win at Hiring in 2021]

Mar 25, 2021

Updated March 25, 2021 What are Structured Interviews? A structured interview uses a uniform script of questions. As a result, the interviewer follows the same script for each candidate. To…

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SwipeClock HR portals

7 Ways an HR Portal Can Radically Transform Your Business in 2021

Feb 3, 2021

5 minute read, updated February 2, 2021 What is an HR portal? An HR portal is the employee interface in a Human Resources Management System (HRMS). In the portal or…

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SwipeClock PTO tracking software

With PTO Tracker Software, You Can Happily Ditch Your Spreadsheets [Updated for 2021]

Jan 7, 2021
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PTO Tracker software makes PTO tracking much simpler than using spreadsheets. Does your company still do PTO tracking with spreadsheets? How’s it working for you? When spreadsheets became available, they…

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