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TimeSimplicity construction scheduling software makes it easy to manage crews at multiple sites. The construction industry has notoriously thin margins. Companies that use advanced construction crew scheduling software are more likely to be profitable.

You Can’t Afford Overruns Due To Bad Scheduling

Savvy construction scheduling may mean the difference between a profit or loss on a project. Ineffective crew management on a larger scale could put you under.

Problems With Poor Construction Scheduling Software

  • Creating schedules takes too much time
  • Manually processing shift changes is inefficient
  • Can’t quickly deal with unplanned absences
  • General confusion about job site crews
  • Lack of oversight
  • Can’t accommodate employee schedule preferences

TimeSimplicity For Complex Construction Scheduling

Project managers need construction scheduling software designed specifically for their workplace requirements. TimeSimplicity has built-in tools for small to medium-sized construction companies with multiple job sites.

How Will TimeSimplicity Help My Construction Business?

  • Easily create and manage multiple schedules
  • Stop losing money on overstaffing and overtime
  • Improve job billing accuracy
  • Anticipate staffing needs for more precise bidding
  • Improve inter-company communication
  • Retain qualified employees
  • Help project managers be more effective
  • Comply with new scheduling laws

How Does TimeSimplicity Construction Scheduling Software Work?

Whether it is managing complex schedules, communicating better, covering shift gaps, or updating employee profiles, TimeSimplicity makes the difference between spending your time effectively and spending it managing schedules.

Create Complex Schedules Fast

  • TimeSimplicity contains construction schedule templates with high-level detail
  • Drag and drop shifts where you want them
  • Duplicate your schedule for as many crews as you need
  • Create a schedule for each job site
  • Copy schedules forward from week to week
  • Change assigned crews to correlate with the project timeline
  • View multiple schedules at once
  • Compare schedules by job site or project phase

Communicate Easily With Employees And Contractors

TimeSimplicity contains customizable email and text templates. When you have built a schedule for a job site, just click on the text button on the toolbar above the schedule. Send schedule notifications to each crewmember right from the system.

Project managers can deploy teams to multiple job sites quickly. A record of all team communication improves workflow and improves accountability.

Prevent Shift Coverage Gaps

Color coding makes it easy to see at a glance where there are holes. View schedules by crew, project, or location. Make sure every shift, phase, and specialty are covered.

When a crewmember calls in sick or doesn’t show up, send a group text right from the system. All available workers will be notified of the open shift immediately.

Employee Profiles

Project managers can track trade specialties and licenses. Distinguish employees, subcontractors, seasonal workers, and union status. Set requirements per job site, shift, or project phase. When creating schedules, TimeSimplicity will display eligible workers to place in schedule slots. License renewal alerts help you keep certifications up-to-date.

TimeSimplicity Construction Scheduling Software Helps You Retain Qualified Employees

Retaining employees is more important than ever. Many areas of the country have a shortage of qualified tradespeople. Companies are competing for workers to finish projects.

  • Employers who use construction scheduling software are more likely to retain employees
  • Accommodate schedule requests (many workers prefer schedule flexibility over a higher wage)
  • Give millennial workers the tech tools they use best
  • Empower employees to manage their schedule, time card, PTO from their smartphone
  • Centralized communication for collaborative scheduling

View Worker Availability

TimeSimplicity lets you accommodate schedule preferences quickly and easily. You can view worker availability at a glance. System alerts you when trying to schedule someone who is not available. Employees can update their availability in the self-service portal.

Limit Expensive Overtime

Straight time construction labor is expensive. When skilled (read highly-paid) tradespeople enter the overtime zone, your costs jump. When productivity slows down on one end and expenses increase on the other end—you’ve got to react quickly.

Higher labor costs aren’t the only problem. Workplace injuries increase with fatigue. Tired workers make more mistakes.

TimeSimplicity lets you manage overtime at initial schedule creation and make adjustments along the way. Set auto-alerts for crew managers. They will get a text on the job site when an employee is approaching an overtime threshold. The manager can then make a decision based on the project status.

Improve Job Billing Accuracy

TimeSimplicity allows project managers to run reports that allow for precise client billing. Easily bill time for workers who move from site to site during the pay period.

Successful contractors make sure every worker has the “right tool for the job.” TimeSimplicity has the tools that allow your project managers to excel at their jobs. Talented project managers are worth their weight in gold. Efficient workflow results in better project outcomes and happier clients.

Better Scheduling = Better Bidding

Underestimating labor needs can eat up your margins.

With easily-accessed project scheduling data, you can precisely forecast labor needs.

Go after new contracts with confidence.

Comply With Scheduling Laws

Some type of fair work week law is coming to a job site near you. Firms with several locations may have to deal with many different ordinances. They affect things like minimum hours for part-time employees, rotating shifts, back-to-back shifts, early schedule notification, and scheduling changes.

These provisions add another layer of complexity, but TimeSimplicity aptly automates compliance. Create rules per location to comply with any flavor of scheduling law that affects your business.

You can read more about the host of new fair workweek laws here: Predictive Scheduling Laws

Why Is TimeSimplicity Cloud-Based?

TimeSimplicity construction scheduling software is cloud-based. This allows all the players to access schedules from any internet-enabled device. Plus, you won’t have to store software on your own computers or pay for updates.

Who Needs TimeSimplicity Construction Scheduling Software?

New Business Owners

Less than half of construction companies survive five years.  One reason for failure is the inability to allocate employees and other resources efficiently. Many contractors underestimate the importance of effective scheduling.

Scheduling is one of the most difficult and least understood aspects of a project. As well as helping to plan ahead and model outcomes, it can track progress and provide realistic expectations.” KPMG Global Construction Survey

How can intrepid start-ups improve their chance of success? By implementing advanced construction scheduling software from the outset.

Contractors Expanding Their Business

Moving from one-job-at-a-time to simultaneous projects is a critical time for any company. Each location adds a new dimension with more moving parts. Handling this transition successfully is crucial for long-term viability.

With construction scheduling software, your crew managers can deploy remote workers effectively. TimeSimplicity grows with you and scales easily. Navigate the challenging transition from a small to medium-sized firm. Be poised for continued growth and diversification.

Construction Scheduling Integrated With Time And Attendance

So far, we have focused on construction scheduling—but there are other pieces of the Construction Workforce Management puzzle. Scheduling and employee time and attendance tracking go hand in hand. Swipeclock TimeWorksPlus integrates seamlessly with TimeSimplicity to handle the timekeeping component.

Construction companies with multiple job sites need mobile tools with GPS capabilities. With TimeWorksPlus, remote workers can clock in onsite from their smartphone. Plus, they can:

  • Monitor schedules per job site
  • Approve time cards
  • Receive notifications of open shifts
  • Request schedule changes
  • Update availability
  • Track accruals

With TimeWorks Mobile GPS, crew managers can keep track of workers at all job sites from their phone or tablet.

Complete Construction Workforce Management

TimeSimplicity, TimeWorksPlus, and TimeWorks Mobile make up SwipeClock Construction Workforce Management Suite. The suite integrates with your construction payroll software. Pay your workers on time, every pay period, regardless of the number of projects or job sites.

To learn how SwipeClock Workforce Management Suite improved construction scheduling at an engineering firm, see SwipeClock for Construction.

About SwipeClock

SwipeClock is a leading provider of simple and affordable integrated workforce management services that provide intuitive employee access to integrated automated time and attendance, scheduling, leave management, HR dashboards, and other HR resources.

The company’s cloud products (WorkforceHUB, TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity) and hardware clocks (TimeWorksTouch and others) enable employers to manage their most important and expensive asset—employees—by transforming labor from a cost of doing business to a competitive advantage.

SwipeClock’s workforce management solutions are sold through over 900 partners that empower more than 30,000 businesses to lower labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize profits.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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