How To Hire Your Next Employee Series: Collecting Feedback From Your Hiring Team

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Welcome to our series How To Hire Your Next Employee: The Ultimate Guide. In today’s post, we describe how to collect team feedback with ApplicantStack.

Before we continue, let’s review where we are in the series:

Collecting feedback is critical to making a good selection. But it’s impossible to do it well without capable applicant tracking software like ApplicantStack Recruit.

The Challenges of Collecting Hiring Team Feedback

Does this sound like your hiring team?

  • Conversations dispersed among disparate channels
  • No formal scoring system
  • Team members waste time duplicating processes
  • You lose track of applications
  • General confusion
  • Poor hiring outcomes

If these problems sound familiar, your hiring process is in trouble.

But we have an affordable solution…

ApplicantStack Automates Collecting Hiring Team Feedback

ApplicantStack sends each hiring team member an evaluation form. In the form, there are links to the candidate’s resume and completed questionnaire.

ApplicantStack Calculates An Average Rating For Fast And Easy Comparison

Each team member completes the form during or after the interview. Then—voila!—ApplicantStack combines the forms and calculates an average rating.

When each applicant has a consolidated rating, it’s easy to compare candidates. The process is also less likely to be influenced by unconscious bias.

Auto Reminders Reduce Hiring Delays

Do you have a team member who habitually forgets to send interviewing feedback? ApplicantStack helps with that as well. If someone forgets to turn in their evaluation form, ApplicantStack nudges them with a reminder email. This takes the pressure off the hiring manager. (They won’t miss the awkward conversations.)

Centralized Applicant Management

The evaluation forms and candidate ratings are stored and managed in ApplicantStack. Forget printing evaluation forms. And nobody has to maintain applicant files or log ratings into spreadsheets.

Let’s recap the benefits of using ApplicantStack to collect hiring team feedback:

  • Electronic evaluation forms are stored and managed in the system
  • Create custom scoring criteria for each job posting
  • Team members rate candidates with the same scoring criteria
  • The evaluation form links to the applicant’s resume and questionnaire
  • ApplicantStack calculates an average rating from the collective scores
  • Easily compare candidates with formalized scoring criteria

Join us for the next post where we will show you how to make your hiring selection.

You can watch other videos in this series on our How to Hire Your Next Employee checklist.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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