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Hiring and Applicant Tracking

How can a potential applicant look at available careers at your company? What recruitment tools do you have in place to track your applicants? Your recruitment management system should make it easy for qualified people to find and apply for jobs.

The Careers Page

Applicants are looking for your careers page, so don’t hide it at the bottom of the main page or as a sub-link under a ‘more important’ navigation tab. Companies often talk about how important their people are and what a great work environment and culture they offer, but making applicants go on a scavenger hunt to find job openings doesn’t put that into practice. How many good applicants are you losing along the way?

Qualified talent is difficult to attract and hire; fewer than 50% of applicants even meet the minimum requirements of open positions. If attracting high quality talent is a part of your business strategy – and it should be! – then your Careers page is one of most important recruitment tools and should be prominent on your website.

Analyze the Hiring Funnel

For years HR consulting firms have analyzed recruitment tools and recruiting processes and have come up with a theory called the “hiring funnel”—sound familiar? Here’s a hypothetical example.

  • Your career page or job posting is viewed by 1,000 individuals.
  • About 20%, or 200 people, begin the application process.
  • Only half of those people complete the application process and are entered into the recruitment CRM.
  • Of those 100, about 75 are actually reviewed by a recruiter.
  • Only 25 of those applicants make it through the recruitment management system screening and are reviewed by the hiring manager.
  • About five of those people are invited for a face-to-face interview.
  • A second interview is conducted for two or three applicants.
  • The job is offered to one applicant. The average job offer acceptance rate is about 89%.

Even with a recruitment management system or recruitment CRM in place, your recruiting efforts may result in failure because offers are rejected. New hires quit or are terminated, and you’re back to the top of the hiring funnel.

Use a Recruitment Management System

While technology isn’t the only solution – the human element is essential – a recruitment management system can be one of your most powerful recruitment tools. There are several ways to leverage your applicant tracking system to improve the success rate of your recruiting efforts.

  • Rework or refresh outdated job descriptions, and then repost them to multiple job boards.
  • Make your Careers page easy to find. Better yet, use your recruitment CRM to create a branded Careers page linked to your website, so you can quickly add and remove jobs.
  • Shorten the time it takes to apply by making it easy to upload resumes, cover letters, and additional documents.
  • Use a recruitment management system that can create and utilize job-specific pre-screening questions. This gives your hiring manager more time to focus on the best-qualified candidates.
  • Trigger emails are wonderful recruitment tools to communicate effectively with candidates and show your interest.

A recruitment management system can streamline the process for applicants and free your hiring manager or recruiter up to focus on that human element. Investing in a recruitment CRM that can automatize the basics means that your hiring managers can separate the wheat from the chaff, increasing your recruitment ROI.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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