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Healthcare Hiring: Catch Top Talent With Our Essential Hiring Guide

Need to win at healthcare hiring? We’ve got you covered with our in-depth playbook. It’s designed for small to mid-size health care companies that need to expand their workforce.

ApplicantStack’s How To Hire Your Next Employee playbook will help you:

  • Find first-round draft picks for all healthcare occupations
  • Avoid hiring compliance red flags
  • Make sure qualified applicants can pass to the end zone
  • Intercept top candidates from your competition
  • Provide a mobile-friendly, convenient application process

How to Win at Healthcare Hiring

  1. Get your head in the game: Prescreening Preparation
  2. First down: Create a Job Description
  3. Post route: Post Job to Job Boards
  4. Screen pass: Filter Candidates with Knockout Questions
  5. Handoff: Schedule Interviews
  6. Huddle up: Collect Hiring Team Feedback
  7. Top draft pick: Make Your Selection
  8. MVP: Extend The Job Offer
  9. Touchdown! Hire Your Next Employee

Get your head in the game: Prescreening preparation

  • Create custom questionnaires with knock-out questions
  • Filter unqualified candidates out before spending time on them
  • Reduce unconscious bias by using the same criteria for each candidate
  • Isolate a manageable pool of top candidates with the necessary qualifications

Watch the play-by-play:


First down: Create a healthcare job description

From the first step, ApplicantStack streamlines the process for busy healthcare professionals.

  • Create a template for each job description
  • Manage job descriptions in a centralized location
  • The system inserts job descriptions automatically into postings

Post route: Post jobs to job boards

ApplicantStack posts to the following job boards:

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Google for Jobs
  • Juju
  • LinkedIn Limited Postings
  • CareerBuilder
  • Monster
  • Dice
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Niche sites

Single signon job posting saves time. You don’t have to keep track of multiple login credentials.

Need more job boards? We also integrate with JobTarget job distribution platform. JobTarget has an extensive job marketplace with 25,000+ sites. They post to the most popular job boards including those above. Plus diversity sites, college job sites, state job banks, military veteran job sites, and more. JobTarget allows you to post by keyword (hospice, critical care, etc.), job title (delivery nurse, senior care aide, dental technician, etc.), candidate demographic (veteran status, etc.)  or location (New York, Colorado, etc.). And JobTarget has algorithms that suggest the best job board for your posting.

Here’s the tape:


What’s the score? Candidate scoring questionnaires

Save time screening healthcare workers custom questionnaires. ApplicantStack scores each applicant based on your criteria. Immediately.

In the applicant dashboard, sort the applicants by score to see the highest scoring at the top. Select the top candidates on the list to review their summaries, source (where they applied from) and resume.


Watch it in slo-mo:


Handoff: How to schedule interviews

ApplicantStack integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365. You have two ways to schedule: you can choose a time or allow the applicant to select an interview time from pre-cleared calendar slots.

If you enable applicant self-scheduling, the candidate will be emailed a link to your scheduling calendar. When they follow the link, they will see your interview calendar. They can only schedule during a slot your hiring team has indicated availability.


No flags on this play:


Huddle up: Collect hiring team feedback

In ApplicantStack, healthcare recruiters can create a candidate scorecard for the interview evaluation. (Note that this is not the same as the filtering questionnaire or application.) In the scorecard, there are links to the candidate’s resume and completed questionnaire. Each team member completes the form during or after the interview. Then—voila!—ApplicantStack combines the forms and calculates an average rating.

When each applicant has a consolidated rating, it’s easy to compare candidates. The process is also less likely to be influenced by unconscious bias.

Do you have a team member who habitually drops the ball on interviewing feedback? ApplicantStack helps with that as well. If someone forgets to turn in their evaluation form, ApplicantStack nudges them with a reminder email. This takes the pressure off the hiring manager.

Watch the run here:


MVP: Select the top candidate

The time has come to make a selection from your pool of top candidates. You want to be careful, but you risk losing your top pick if this takes too long.

Don’t let background and reference checks slow down your hiring process. ApplicantStack helps you optimize this critical stage by narrowing your pool of candidates to the best possible options. Then it eliminates final concerns with background checks and emails to references. ApplicantStack partners with top companies, including Verified First, a leading background check service with a super-speedy turnaround.

In it to win:


Draft pick: Extend the job offer

Creating an offer letter template in your ApplicantStack document library is easy. Merge codes import information you have recorded (or the system has parsed) elsewhere. In the video, we show you how to create a merge field for the job start date.

Cue the confetti:


Touchdown! Hire your next healthcare employee

By following these steps, you will move your candidates quickly and efficiently through the workflows. They won’t be intercepted by your competitor. Automated communications keep your applicants updated every step of the way. Email or text your candidates to keep them engaged.

Play hard, win easy with ApplicantStack’s recruiting playbook.

ApplicantStack is the Applicant Tracking solution in Swipeclock’s WorkforceHub HRMS. 


Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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