Employee Timekeeping Apps Increase Profitability For Home Health Agencies

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If you own a home health agency, you understand the challenges of timekeeping for home health employees.

Home Health Timekeeping Challenges

Managing a home health agency is not for the faint of heart. It requires commitment, high-level organizational skills, and considerable business acumen. If done well, however, it can highly be rewarding—both professionally and financially.

Your caregivers are on the go around-the-clock. Their schedules are tight. They transport a lot of equipment. Most importantly, they need to focus on their patients, not employee time tracking.

Burnout due to excessive overtime is common in home health. The last thing a mobile worker needs is difficulty clocking in and out for shifts. Likewise, they have no time for scheduling confusion or timecard headaches.

Like many healthcare professionals who work long hours in a demanding job—they live for their vacations. Accurate PTO tracking is a must.

Home Health Profit Margins

As an owner, you’re operating under challenging conditions as well. For-profit home health margins are thin. Non-profit home health budgets have little room for expensive administrative software.

Home Health Compliance

Since you’re highly regulated, you have to keep accurate records. These keep you in compliance with the applicable government agencies as well as your staff. An employee challenge could result in a serious fine if you couldn’t validate work hours.

Employee Scheduling

When creating schedules, you have to keep track of patient visit durations, employee availability, and shift coverage. Plus patient status, worker certifications, and route specifics.

Scheduling influences patient outcomes, profitability, employee morale, and audit liability.

To succeed in home health, you need tools designed for the job.

Ditch Paper Timesheets For Home Health

In 2022, there is no reason to use paper time cards for home health. An office-based time tracking system is seriously inadequate. Why use an old-fashioned punch clock or paper timesheets for employees who rarely (if ever) work in the office?

Real-Time Home Health Employee Hours Tracking

Home health timekeeping apps let your employees clock in and out in real-time. You can always see who’s working. GPS allows you to see where they are as well.

Your employees always have a phone or tablet with them. They use it all day. It’s the ideal place to track hours, schedules, and PTO.

Mobile home health time apps prompt employees to record breaks and meal times. This captures a reliable history of work time to the minute.

Improved Home Health Agency Wage and Hour Compliance

Reliable employee time and attendance records are important in the event of an audit. They are also crucial in the case of a payroll dispute.

Home Health Agency Profitability

Labor costs are a major expense for home health agencies. With mobile time tracking, you can keep a close eye on labor. Effective management depends on diligent tracking. Overtime alerts give you valuable oversight into overtime payroll bloat.

Automation allows you to monitor labor closely—while performing all your other tasks. In other words, increased oversight doesn’t result in increased admin time.

The app does the work. You import employee hours directly to payroll.

Mobile home health time tracking apps create future-looking reports. They capture accurate data that reveals your true operating costs. These help you predict labor expenses so you can manage them more effectively.

This is the answer for increased profitability next quarter. And beyond.

Home Health Employee Accountability

Honest employees welcome transparency. Mobile time tracking creates accountability. Home health workers punch in and punch out from any location. This eliminates excuses for missing time cards or missed punches.

Home Employee Timesheet Self-Service

They can check their schedule, time card, and PTO accruals from their mobile device day or night.

The Top Home Health Timekeeping App?

TimeWorksExpress handles the logistics of home health employee timekeeping. It’s the employee timesheet app of choice for home health agencies. It offers convenience, accuracy, smart business management, and data-driven decision making.

The result?

Happier home health employees. A higher level of patient care. Improved compliance. Operational efficiency.

And—last but not least—increased profitability.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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