Swipeclock Employee Management Solutions for Uninterrupted Business Operation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

remote employee time tracking

Updated May 8, 2020 The Common Sense Guide for Employers Do you have employees working from home due to the coronavirus? You can minimize disruption to your business operations with Swipeclock HR software. Swipeclock employee solutions for the coronavirus (and when the situation has calmed down) TimeWorksPlus: mobile time and attendance, geolocation and geofencing TimeSimplicity:…

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Mobile Workforce Management [The Essential Guide For Small Business]

Table of Contents What is Mobile Workforce Management? Five Must-Have Features of Mobile Workforce Management Forward Thinking Employers Have Mobile-First HR Run Your Small Business With Your Phone? A Guide To Scheduling Apps Time Tracking Apps for Virtual Teams (8 Surprising Benefits) What is Mobile Workforce Management? Mobile workforce management encompasses the following: Managers and…

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Does Your Employee Timekeeping App Have Geofencing?

geofencing for mobile employees

Need to track offsite employees? Looking at mobile time tracking systems? Mobile time and attendance apps help you track team members wherever they are working. Employees use a smartphone or tablet to clock in from any location. The app is synced with (or a part of) the time and attendance system. Companies with home health…

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How Push Notifications Transform Employee Scheduling (And Make Your Managers Happy)

SwipeClock employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling doesn’t have to be all-consuming for managers. Employee scheduling software simplifies everything related to shift staffing. This goes beyond simply creating a weekly schedule. Employee scheduling software handles time card approvals, overtime management, and vacation tracking. Today’s article focuses on one of the newest features to be incorporated into employee scheduling software: the…

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8 Reasons Your Subcontractors Should Use a Mobile Time Tracking App

Mobile time keeping for subcontractors

There are many ways to manage subcontractors in a variety of industries. Old-school methods are making way for more effective mobile time tracking apps. Competitive pressure favors companies who pay attention to subcontractor time and attendance. Winning new bids, attracting quality subs, and profit depends on your level of control. Mobile time tracking apps provide…

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Why Mobile Time Tracking is a Must For Food Trucks & Small Restaurants

SwipeClock Time and Attendance for Food Trucks

Do you have a food truck business? Congratulations! Food truck businesses had 2.8-percent revenue growth in 2017 and 49 percent of industry experts surveyed believe they will increase in popularity. This is not surprising as our fellow Americans become even more mobile and dependent on speed and convenience. Let’s talk about how time and attendance…

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How Workforce Management Accelerates Productivity and Profitability

workforce management accelerates productivity and profitability

Every business owner knows there is a direct connection between productivity and profitability. Because of this, they strive to optimize every department and process. Constant innovation is more important than ever. Interestingly, some business owners don’t view workforce management (WFM) as an area that can yield greater productivity. This disconnect prevents many from implementing workforce…

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