New Time Tracking Software Could Transform Your Business in 2018

If you are a business owner still using a manual employee time and attendance system or outdated time clock software, this article contains important information for you. Upgrading to a Workforce Management system with the latest tools and technology could be the smartest decision you make all year. Outdated Time Tracking Software is Putting You…

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Lower Your Labor Expenses By Reducing Time Card Fraud

employee timecard fraud

Employee Time Theft Time theft and inaccurate timekeeping of employee hours can cost companies dearly. There are times when the incorrect hours reported by an employee are honest mistakes but there are also instances when employees are deliberately trying to get paid for time that they did not work. These dishonest occurrences are actually time…

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Biometric Timekeeping

Saving on labor costs and preventing employee time theft by eliminating “buddy punching” could save your company thousands in labor costs each year while improving employee productivity. Ask us about our selection of biometric clocks to find the best fit for your company! *The AMERICAN PAYROLL ASSOCIATION estimates that “buddy punching” accounts for up to…

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