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Are you a Hire by Google user? If so, you probably know that Google is discontinuing it soon.

Don’t worry, you can transition to the top-rated ApplicantStack applicant tracking system. Sign up now for a free 15-day trial.

5 Reasons ApplicantStack is the Best Google Hire Alternative


  1. Has been helping hiring teams hiring faster and with less effort since 2009
  2. Is powerful enough to track 1000s of applicants
  3. Is supported by an experienced customer success team comprised of HR professionals
  4. Has texting, customized filtering, job board integration, and email templates
  5. You can try it free for 15 days

ApplicantStack: The Favorite of HR Recruitment Specialists

Here is how one delighted ApplicantStack user describes our software:

My favorite ATS out there! It’s user friendly and easy to adjust and configure. The team is very supportive and that helps when you have situations that are unique to your industry. I can update things easily and they are always continuing to enhance the features. HR Recruitment Specialist, Education Management

ApplicantStack is SwipeClock’s Applicant Tracking Software

ApplicantStack is the hiring and applicant tracking component in our WorkforceHUB HRMS. ApplicantStack comes with WorkforceHUB. Or you can use ApplicantStack on its own.

Sign up today and try ApplicantStack free for 15 days. That will give you more than enough time to get comfortable with the system.

You won’t lose hiring momentum as you head into 2020.

ApplicantStack Has Texting!

We were one of the first ATSs to offer texting. Simplify applicant communication with everyone’s preferred method of connecting.

Use ApplicantStack texting for:

  • Application received confirmation
  • Hiring process updates
  • Engaging with your talent pipeline
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Day-of-interview instructions

No form of communication is more immediate. If you want to improve your candidate experience, incorporate texting.

Want to Shorten Time-to-Hire?

Recruiting has become a race against time. If you want to shorten time-to-fill, you can’t review every application your receive.

ApplicantStack has custom questionnaires with knockout questions.

Knock out the unqualified candidates. Isolate a manageable pool of those with the necessary qualifications.

Here’s how ApplicantStack pre-screening questionnaires work:

  1. Identify the skills and experience required for the job. (These should be included in the job description.)
  2. Write a YES/NO question for each must-have qualification. These are aptly named ‘knockout’ questions. For example, a Machine Learning Programmer position might require Python proficiency. Ask ‘Are you proficient in Python?’
  3. If the applicant answers ‘No’, ApplicantStack ‘knocks’ them out. The applicant goes to the ‘Do Not Pursue’ status.

There is no reason to review every application. For an entry-level position, 50 percent may be unqualified. For a highly technical position, that number could increase.

Spend your time on the pool of applicants that can do the job.

ApplicantStack Has Self-Serve Interview Scheduling

ApplicantStack integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365. Applicants are already familiar with these tools. This improves the candidate experience immensely.

Members of your interviewing team leave their available slots open on the calendar. You email a calendar link to the applicant. The applicant opens the calendar and chooses a pre-approved time.

This eliminates the confusion of back-and-forth phone calls, texts, and emails.

Switch From G Hire Now and Stay Organized

You used Google Hire to keep your hiring process organized. We’ve been helping hiring teams stay organized for ten years.

This ApplicantStack user goes into more detail:

ApplicantStack keeps your hiring organized. I enjoy the layout where applicants are marked in stages. A common issue with organizing applicants is the way you can sort them in your process. ApplicantStack allows you to keep candidates in different stages and advance them in your process based on where they fall. This is especially important when you have 2nd and 3rd tier candidates that you like, but are not as qualified as other top tier candidates. Mike B., Student Success Manager, Higher Education

Sign up now for a free 15-day trial of the hiring software used by over 20,000 hiring managers.

By Liz Strikwerda

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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