Optimize Construction Crew Management With Automated Scheduling Software

construction site employee scheduling

TimeSimplicity construction scheduling software makes it easy to manage crews at multiple sites. The construction industry has notoriously thin margins. Companies that use advanced construction crew scheduling software are more likely to be profitable. You Can’t Afford Overruns Due To Bad Scheduling Savvy construction scheduling may mean the difference between a profit or loss on…

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Workforce Management: Leverage HR Data For Smarter Decisions

Leverage HR data with workforce management

A Workforce Management system is critical if you want your business to grow. But many business owners are hesitant to dive in. Why don’t more small business owners invest in Workforce Management? Some think it sounds too complicated. The reality is that running a business without it couldn’t be more complicated. It’s like trying to…

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Lunch Break Laws: Avoid a Compliance Gotcha

lunch break laws and HR compliance

Why Should I Worry About Lunch Break Laws? How did something simple get so complicated? Your employees come to work. They take a mid-morning break. They clock out for lunch. They take a mid-afternoon break. What’s the problem? Well, there are many potential problems. You could be breaking a State or Federal law—that’s probably the…

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Time And Attendance For New Business Owners: 3 Easy Steps

time and attendance for new business owners

Starting a business with hourly employees? Don’t neglect the importance of automated employee time and attendance. If you don’t tame the beast, employee timekeeping and scheduling will eat you alive. Solve time and attendance problems first with automated workforce management. It’s a foundational business process you need out of the way before you can focus…

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It’s 2018: Do You Need To Update Your Time Tracking Software?

Update your time tracking software with SwipeClock

Who? What? When? Where? Why? These are the questions every business should be able to answer with their employee time tracking software. The 5 W’s of Workforce Management The importance of establishing “who,” “what,” when,” “where,” and “why” is Workforce Management 101.  The 5 W’s affect labor budgets, workflow efficiency, employee productivity, and recordkeeping compliance.…

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New Time Tracking Software Could Transform Your Business in 2018

If you are a business owner still using a manual employee time and attendance system or outdated time clock software, this article contains important information for you. Upgrading to a Workforce Management system with the latest tools and technology could be the smartest decision you make all year. Outdated Time Tracking Software is Putting You…

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Why GPS Tracking is a Must-Have for Home Health Employee Management

Mobile Employee Time and Attendance

5 minute read. Last updated April 2, 2020 U.S. healthcare professionals are demonstrating once again that they are true heroes. Well-designed technology is important in all aspects of healthcare from patient care to research and administration. Let’s look at the importance of mobile healthcare workforce management solutions. Healthcare organizations should use a Human Resources Management…

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