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Texting in Recruiting
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Did you know that US smartphone users have 5x more text conversations than phone calls? It seems counterintuitive, because it generally takes longer to have a conversation via text than to make a simple phone call. But the truth is in the numbers – TEXTING RUNS THE WORLD.

Recruiters can leverage the ease and popularity of texting to connect with applicants and keep them happy and engaged. And like most recruiting processes, two-way candidate texting can be automated with the right software.

Premium Texting Is Available Now!

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce WorkforceHub Plus Premium Texting. Premium Texting has everything in Basic Unlimited Texting (discussed ahead) as well as Workflow Embed and Text-to-Apply.

Let’s discuss why these two powerful features are game changers for both candidates and recruiters.

Embed Texts in Workflows

With Premium Texting, you can include text messages in hiring workflows and trigger them with stage changes. For example, when you move an applicant to the Interview stage, trigger a personalized text inviting the candidate for an interview. In addition, you can include a link to a scheduling calendar. Slick. Easy.

As with other communications (like emails, screening questionnaires, onboarding forms), you can create text templates for various hiring stages and scenarios. Build templates with approved messaging to keep the conversation professional and compliant. Communication automation accounts for much of the efficiency and speed improvements provided by hiring software.

Reach More Candidates with Text-to-Apply

The second key feature in Premium Texting is text-to-apply. This enables candidates to link to a mobile friendly application from an SMS. Providing a way for a job seeker to apply on their phone may be the most reliable way to attract more candidates. With a larger applicant pool, you are more likely to find the perfect hire.

Clearly, a smartphone is the preferred job search tool for today’s candidates. Recruiting teams that offer text-to-apply gain a critical advantage over companies vying for the same labor pool.

WorkforceHub Plus Basic Unlimited Texting

As mentioned, WorkforceHub Plus Premium Texting provides all the features of Basic Unlimited Texting along with the expanded functionality.

We have offered Basic Unlimited Texting as an Applicant Tracking add-on since 2019. Since its introduction, Basic Unlimited Texting has become a customer favorite – and it’s not hard to understand why.

Basic Unlimited Texting allows you to send and receive as many texts as you want and store conversations in the software. Plus, you can send batch SMS to multiple applicants.

Why do our customers love recruitment texting?

  • It elevates the candidate journey and keeps applicants engaged
  • There are endless ways to use recruitment texting throughout the hiring and onboarding process
  • It helps our Applicant Tracking customers hire better candidates faster and with less effort

5 Ways To Use Texting To Improve Hiring

The wisest Human Resources professionals know the importance of quickly building strong connections with their most prized recruits. Enhanced and timely communication strengthens a candidate’s interest in a company. Let’s discuss 5 ways to use recruitment texting.

1. Texting candidates consolidates communication into one convenient place

With WorkforceHub Plus, all of your texting conversations are saved. So anytime you click on the button to send a text, you can immediately see the text history with that person. This messaging history can become extremely valuable when managing multiple candidates at varying stages of the hiring process. It also enables multiple members of the hiring team to communicate as if from one person. In addition, by using WorkforceHub Plus to send and store texts, recruiters don’t have to use their personal devices. This improves security and decreases the risk of a compliance issue.

2. Scheduling and follow-ups become a faster, more efficient process

While trying to keep both applicants and management happy, it is necessary for most offices to consistently be on top of the hiring and onboarding processes. And since 78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way for businesses to reach them, WorkforceHub Plus texting feature enables HR departments to not only automate and streamline this process but personalize the communications for greater effect.

3. Applicants and employees, like the rest of the world, prefer texting to phone calls and email

With more than half of US mobile users saying they view a business more positively if they utilize SMS capabilities, it’s no wonder texting is the preferred way for the majority of recruits to receive hiring and interview updates.

It is, however, important to remember that although the stats overwhelmingly suggest the US markets much prefers texting to other forms of communications, there are still those who prefer a call or email. So, with that in mind, it may be prudent to simply ask how they like to be communicated with before assuming they’re a frequent traveler aboard the texting train.

4. Coordination of tech-driven interactions is streamlined and professional

In general, people are looking to work for companies that have an eye towards leading-edge technology. Understandably, recruits tend to equate tech-driven hiring communication with innovation. This often leads them to identify the company as a quality, forward-thinking workplace. In other words, a modern, text-driven hiring process strengthens your employer brand.

5. Two-way texting is vital to maintaining a connection to valued candidates

When texting with a company, many people are pleasantly surprised and excited to find out that there’s a person on the other end of their text conversation. When they respond and someone texts back, they feel a personal connection.

The reality is that using texting to communicate back and forth no matter who you are communicating with provides a wealth of advantages and benefits. With 92% of American adults owning a cellphone and, on average, an SMS open rate of 98% (compared to under 20% for email and 76% of calls going straight to voicemail), one might think it crazy not to use SMS text to more effectively confirm and communicate with your workforce as well.

Texting has been responsible for major business deals, peace treaties, marriage proposals and breakups and now it’s most definitely ready for corporate recruiting and onboarding communication.

With WorkforceHub Plus texting in the hiring and onboarding process, recruiting teams are able to communicate more effectively as they work to improve the overall hiring process.


Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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