5 Ways America’s Texting Addiction Will Benefit Your Hiring & Onboarding Processes

Texting in Recruiting


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Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: A mom, desperately trying to get ahold of her kid, calls and calls and calls to no avail. Moments later her phone lights up as it begins to vibrate—it’s her child! But it’s not the sound of their voice but a text message. A TEXT MESSAGE! Someone she spent hours in agonizing labor for can’t even take a second to answer her call?!? Oh the agony… the outrage!

Text messaging is still the most effective way for businesses to communicate with their employees

Ok, maybe that situation is a little too dramatic, but people—including your recruits and employees—are more willing to text than call is the reality in today’s world. It may seem ridiculous, but US smartphone users have 5x more text conversations than phone calls. It seems counterintuitive at times because it generally takes us longer to have a conversation via text than to make a simple phone call. 

But the truth is in the numbers – TEXTING RUNS THE WORLD.

How do you use texting to benefit your business?

The wisest Human Resources professionals in the business know the importance of quickly building strong connections with their most prized recruits. Enhanced and timely communication strengthens a candidate’s interest in a company. Communicating in a manner most comfortable for them encourages those applicants to remain happy and engaged—especially when their system has the texting features that SwipeClock’s ApplicantStack offers. 

Text messaging is a valuable communications tool that recruiters can use to easily connect with candidates. It helps increase engagement and improves the hiring process through faster delivery of information and effective management of expectations. 

1. Texting candidates consolidates communication into one convenient place

With SwipeClock, all of your text messages go through the ApplicantStack solution within WorkforceHub, so anytime you click on the button to send a text, you can immediately see the text history with that person. This messaging history can become extremely valuable when managing multiple candidates at varying stages of the hiring process.

2. Scheduling and follow-ups become a faster, more efficient process

While trying to keep both applicants and management happy, it is necessary for most offices to consistently be on top of the hiring and onboarding processes. And since 78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way for businesses to reach them, SwipeClock’s texting feature enables HR departments to not only automate and streamline this process but personalize the communications for greater effect.

3. Applicants and Employees, like the rest of the world, prefer texting to phone calls and email

With more than half of US mobile users saying they view a business more positively if they utilize SMS capabilities, it’s no wonder texting is the preferred way for the majority of recruits to receive hiring and interview updates.

It is, however, important to remember that although the stats overwhelmingly suggest the US markets much prefers texting to other forms of communications, there are still those who prefer a call or email. So, with that in mind, it may be prudent to simply ask how they like to be communicated with before assuming they’re a frequent traveler aboard the texting train.

4. Coordination of tech-driven interactions is streamlined and professional

In general, people are looking to work for companies that have an eye towards leading-edge technology. By communicating the way they prefer to be communicated with, recruits and employees tend to equate that tech-driven communication with an office being “high tech.” This often leads many people to identify the company as a quality, forward-thinking workplace.

5. Two-way texting is vital to maintaining a connection to valued candidates

When texting with a company, many people are pleasantly surprised and excited to find out that there’s a person on the other end of their text conversation. When they respond and someone texts back, they feel a personal connection.


The reality is that using texting to communicate back and forth no matter who you are communicating with provides a wealth of advantages and benefits. With 92% of American adults owning a cellphone and, on average, an SMS open rate of 98% (compared to under 20% for email and 76% of calls going straight to voicemail), one might think it crazy not to use SMS text to more effectively confirm and communicate with your workforce as well.

Texting has been responsible for major business deals, peace treaties, marriage proposals and breakups and now it’s most definitely ready for corporate recruiting and onboarding communication. With SwipeClock’s texting capabilities, businesses and their HR personnel are able to communicate more effectively as they continue to work to improve the overall recruitment and onboarding process.


Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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