5 Hints for Crafting a Candidate Pitch to Use in Hiring

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Finding the right person to fill an open role in your company can be challenging. Once you identify them, you might still need to sell them on your organization. The latest generation of workers wants to feel that the company they work for aligns with their values and allows them to make an impact. Therefore, you must always be ready to showcase how your company benefits society as a whole. This approach can help you generate more interest in open positions and attract candidates who are passionate about their work. Here are five tips to craft a compelling candidate pitch that appeals to everyone who hears it.

What is a Candidate Pitch?

A candidate pitch, also called a recruitment pitch, is a succinct statement presented to a prospective new hire to inform them about the position and company. The purpose is to capture their interest and encourage them to submit an application for an open role or consider accepting an offer. By crafting and using a recruitment pitch, your team can emphasize the company’s value and contributions.

5 Tips to Improve Your Candidate Pitch

Consider these five hints to enhance your pitch to potential candidates.

1. Tell a story

People respond more effectively to stories because they are more memorable and relatable. When crafting your recruitment pitch, think about the narrative of your business’s journey from its inception to its current state.

You might also incorporate stories of existing team members. For example, share the journey of an employee who advanced from a lower-level position to a higher one. This demonstrates opportunities for professional growth, development, and the company’s investment in each individual’s potential and skillset.

2. Highlight unique selling points (USPs) in the candidate pitch

Every business has unique selling points. Your candidate pitch should clearly emphasize these. Describe what sets your company apart and what employees experience as part of the organization. Highlight elements of your business that align with candidate values, such as investments in inclusion, environmental sustainability, or opportunities for advancement.

3. Take advantage of resources

In today’s tech-driven world, it’s beneficial to leverage all available resources. Artificial intelligence (AI) platforms are excellent for creating first drafts of content, including a pitch to attract potential candidates. Input your information and see what you get. It’s easy to make adjustments where needed, and you’ll likely save time on the initial draft.

4. Customize the content to your audience

When crafting a candidate pitch, consider the audience for your open roles. What do these individuals have in common? Do they share specific skills or experiences? Customize your pitch to highlight what would be most appealing to them about your company.

5. Incorporate a call to action

Ensure candidates know the next steps in the process with a clear call to action at the end of your pitch. If discussing open roles, provide information about where to find additional details and how to submit an application.

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