3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Speed Up Time Card Approvals

3 things you can do to speed time card approval
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Everyone in Human Resources knows that time card approvals don’t scale well. As a rule of thumb, the more employees you have, the longer it will take to process time cards.

Regardless of this old adage, there are three things you can do right now to speed up your time card approvals.

Let’s start with a good question:

Time Card Efficiency: Why Is It Important?

There are three good reasons to worry about time card approval efficiency…

Reason 1: Time card processing costs money.

The more employees you have, the longer it will take. Time is money, so they say, and so every new employee will cost a little more in administration.

Optimizing the process of collecting, approving, and processing time cards will save money. It will also let your employees get back to making widgets.

Minimizing administrative processes is a key goal in profitability. Time card processing is a big one with plenty of room for savings.

Reason 2: time card processing takes time away from productivity.

Focused managers increase efficiency and production. When managers take time out to perform administrative tasks, they take their eye off the ball.

You can argue that administration is part of a manager’s task, but not when it isn’t necessary. Modern software and automation have reduced necessity.

Workforce managers who are spending time on time card processing are doing it wrong. It is costing the company.

Reason 3: many time card approval processes foster mistakes.

As if you haven’t heard “time and money” enough, this last one is both.

Time card approval problems compound when there are mistakes.

Mistakes can cost the company money in the form of overpayments. When hours aren’t correct, or a transcription error adds time, the company pays more than it should.

When an employee discovers a mistake, it can take hours to find the source and correct the problem.

Hours spent hunting for mistakes cost the company in two ways:

  1. Hunting for mistakes and solutions means employees aren’t producing.
  2. Doubling back on work already done means the company is paying twice for the same result.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now

1. Automate Time And Attendance

If you haven’t upgraded your time and attendance system, the time is now. You are losing money.

Automated time and attendance will save you more than it costs. SwipeClock TimeWorksPlus is an automated time and attendance system. It runs in the cloud, is easy to install, and saves you time and money.

To use TimeWorksPlus, all you need is a web browser. Your employees can clock in with any internet-connected device. It’s cloud-based, so the infrastructure is already in place.

TimeWorksPlus uses employee punches to create a digital time card for each worker. There’s no need to fill out paper time cards; everything is automated and paperless.

TimeWorksPlus brings simplicity and efficiency to time card processing. It can be set up in minutes—so don’t worry about a bumpy transition period. This is something you can do right now to start saving money.

Do you have several locations or mobile employees? No sweat. TimeWorksPlus is ideal for organizations with geographically-dispersed teams. Employees can access the system anytime, and anywhere, with the mobile time card app.

It also integrates with your payroll system—whether in-house or outsourced. Fast time card approval ensures that everyone gets their paychecks on time.

Solution to do now: install TimeWorksPlus

2. Streamline Approvals

With TimeWorksPlus installed, you are on the automation train heading for efficiency nirvana.

The next step is to use TimeWorks Mobile, the mobile time card app. (Don’t worry, it comes with TimeWorksPlus.)

You are now capturing clock ins for each shift. TimeWorksPlus adds each punch time to the appropriate employee’s time card. It never mistakes a 3 for a 5. It never makes mathematical errors. And it has stunning penmanship.

These time cards are now living securely in the cloud. Centralized digital storage lets your managers do all sorts of things.

First off, workforce managers can see every time card in one place. They can compare by department or team, or filter by part-time vs full-time. Managers can view employees with overtime hours. Click. Click. Click.

TimeWorks Mobile time card app puts HR in your pocket. Not only can your managers now approve time cards in minutes, they can do it anywhere they want. Around the clock.

As you grow, you won’t need to hire as many supervisors or payroll administrators. With TimeWorks Mobile app, one manager can approve time cards for 100 or more employees.

Centralization makes life better for your employees, as well. They will never have to remember to write down a punch time. They can look at their time card any time of day with the mobile time card app. They won’t even have to add up hours. Your employees will love you. Especially those who are arithmetic-challenged.

Solution to do now: simplify approvals with the TimeWorks Mobile time card app.

3. Enforce Schedules

There are two big reasons to enforce schedules; accuracy and reduction of error.

Managers shouldn’t have to police shifts. It’s a waste of resources for high-paid employees. Even worse is the time it takes to watch over mistakes made when time is recorded.

But if no one makes sure that employees are clocking in and out at the right times—your labor budget balloons.

Often, it’s not the employee’s fault. Employees work past 40 hours and move into time-and-a-half. No one tells them to clock out, so they keep working. Can you blame them?

Busy employees goof up with paper time cards. Suppose your best phone rep forgets to write down her shift start time because there are calls in the queue. This happens day after day. At the end of the pay period, she has to recall all those punch times. Unintentional time card errors add up quick.

A busy manager also makes mistakes. Here is a common scenario: Your payroll processor needed your employee hours yesterday. You’ve got 30 time cards on your desk. Some are sloppy. Some are incomplete. Some have math errors. You have ten minutes to approve them or checks will be late. It’s not exactly a recipe for accuracy.

These common situations are expensive. You either lose money in overtime, hours padding, or time card math errors. TimeWorksTouch is your solution.

The Leading Solution

TimeWorksTouch is the industry-leading “intelligent” employee time clock. With TimeWorksTouch schedule enforcement, you create schedule rules. You can set them for each employee, team, location, or position. Adjust them as necessary.

TimeWorksTouch is your iron-fisted schedule enforcer who never sleeps. TimeWorksTouch sends your managers alerts when employees approach over time. Then they can make a decision before you start paying time-and-a-half.

Use schedule enforcement to prevent employees from punching in outside of authorized shifts. This protects you from time theft, meals/breaks violations, and punch errors.

Improving accuracy allows for better forecasting. Now you can make strategic resource allocation decisions based on solid numbers.

When your managers don’t have to correct time card errors or policy shifts, they have more hours to get things done. Those hours can be used to grow your business. Productivity just went from zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds.

Solution to do now: add TimeWorksTouch with schedule enforcement.

Get It Done Now

Time is money, as we’ve already established. Every minute you wait to install automated workforce management is money down the drain.

To speed up payroll, expedite time card approvals with TimeWorksPlus and TimeWorksTouch from SwipeClock.

SwipeClock provides affordable workforce management solutions for small businesses with hourly employees.

For more information, see TimeWorksPlus Time Card Approvals.

By Cary Snowden and Liz Strikwerda

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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