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Whether operating around the clock using a set rotation or adjusting your staffing every day based on demand, WorkforceHub Scheduling is specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.

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employee engagement ideas

Employee Engagement Ideas for Your Small Business

Looking for employee engagement ideas? Check out what these employers are doing. Employee Engagement Ideas From 6 Great Places to Work 1. Chile’s The restaurant chain ditched their “no visible tattoos” dress code policy. Plus, the company president does Facebook live videos with employees. They share and discuss both positive and negative company reviews from…

Say Goodbye to PTO Tracker Spreadsheets with the Right Tools

How does your company track and manage paid time off (PTO)? How does that method work for you? If your answer involves spreadsheets, this article is for you. When spreadsheets became available, they certainly offered advantages over hand calculation, offering a nifty way to store data and automate calculations. However, in today’s world, they’re no…

employee absenteeism

Destructive Employee Absenteeism? Improve Your Attendance Tracking.

Attendance tracking is critical for identifying attendance problems. The impact of attendance problems doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Even one employee with an issue can create headaches for everyone. But it’s not just an annoyance. It has serious consequences for your business. Employee Attendance Issues Arriving late Frequently calling in sick Failing to attend…

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What is the Importance of HR Metrics Analysis?

HR metrics, or Human Resources metrics, are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on people operations. Businesses track them to measure and improve performance, engagement and productivity. Small business HR teams can track metrics for all workforce processes. This includes hiring, pay, time and labor, training, engagement and retention. Common HR metrics and HR metrics formulas include:…